Brock Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS) provides students living off-campus with opportunities to build a community at Brock. Brock SOCS offers monthly events and programming, group mentorship, Niagara community engagement, friendship-building, on-campus involvement, resources and support as well as leadership skills development.

Brock SOCS membership gives students access to tons of awesome events, a group mentor, opportunities to make other off campus friends. It also makes the first year transition easier, and increases your involvement in the Brock and Niagara communities.

Join Brock SOCS and find your place at Brock.

Brock SOCS membership is just $35 for the year! Become a member today at

Brock SOCS is open to all currently enrolled Brock students, living off-campus.

Brock SOCS offers monthly events and programs to help students connect with other students and the Brock community. Social, informative, and community-oriented programming encourages students to get involved, make friends, and find their place at Brock and in Niagara.

Dedicated events and programs for off-campus students as well as campus-wide Brock events and events in the Niagara community ensure students have a fulfilling and well-rounded experience.

Events for the upcoming year include a trip to SkyZone Trampoline Park, outdoor skating at Fort George, and a community campfire. Most events are free with your Brock SOCS membership fee.

Brock SOCS will also encourage off-campus students to experience Brock traditions with their off-campus peers by offering pre-event meet-ups for Orientation Week and Homecoming events.

Attendance at Brock SOCS events and programs also gets tracked on students’ Campus Wide Co-curriculum to ensure they are well on their way to completing the CWC First Year Experience Track.

Group peer mentorship is an integral part of the Brock SOCS program. Led by upper year peer mentors, group mentorship is integrated into almost all aspects of Brock SOCS programming.

Upper year mentors provide students with a friendly face on campus as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience they are happy to share. Brock SOCS mentors will be role models, friends and supports to students.

Mentors will answer students’ questions, direct them to resources, assist in transition, encourage community involvement, provide support and encouragement as well as act as a liaison between students and Brock.

Mentors will be present at all Brock SOCS programming as well as having weekly ‘office hours’ for drop-in questions and support.

Brock SOCS gives back to the community that gives so much by ensuring that off-campus students are good citizens of Niagara. Attending community events, participating in local fundraisers, and volunteering with community partners gives students opportunities to get involved where they live.

Brock SOCS also runs neighbourhood relations campaigns and provides students with information on how to be a good neighbour and citizen.

Community building and community involvement are entrenched in every aspect of the Brock SOCS program.

By participating in the Brock SOCS program, students will have a well-rounded first year experience. Brock SOCS fosters students’ on-campus involvement by giving them opportunities to meet people, get connected with on-campus departments and student groups, build their own Brock community, and participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular experiences

Brock SOCS offers opportunities for leadership and skill development on campus.

Students’ campus involvement within and beyond the Brock SOCS program will be tracked through the CWC. Brock SOCS also ensures students will complete most, if not all, of the CWC First Year Experience Track.

Brock SOCS provides first year off-campus students with the resources, information and support to make the most of their Brock experience and have a successful transition to university life.

Informative events, mentor office hours, Student Life and Community Experience’s off-campus living resources, and the Student Life Hacks video series ensure that students experience a network of support and are equipped with the resources to have a successful Brock experience.