Other leadership opportunities

Student Leadership Network

The Brock Student Leadership Network is a student-driven initiative that provides an outlet for student leaders to foster continued leadership and engagement during their time at university. Students are encouraged to connect and collaborate with like-minded leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals as leaders.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in leadership socials and training sessions to foster meaningful relationships while making the most of the resources available to them at Brock. They’ll have access to resources that will connect them to appropriate programs and services offered by Brock and encourage students to become more involved, innovative leaders within the community and beyond.

Canadian Conference on Student Leadership (CCSL)

The CCSL allows Canada’s finest student leaders to discuss issues and ideas on leadership. Using a mix of professionally led workshops, student-led sessions and keynote speakers and other activities, the conference is an opportunity to develop skill sets, new relationships and connections.

This year, Brock University and Niagara College are hosting the CCSL. Registration will begin soon on ExperienceBU.

For more information, visit the CCSL website or email info@theccsl.org.

Connect with CCSL

Opportunities are added throughout the year!

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