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We are committed to making our programming as accessible as possible. We run classes based on your schedule. Simply indicate the level you would like to register for, provide us with your availability and once enough students have availability at the same time, we will open up a course.

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Register for a professional development series course

How to register

  1. Click on “register now” and log in with your Brock credentials (If this is your first sign in, complete the requested information and “submit”)
  2. An “availability timetable” will appear. Check the boxes corresponding with the times you have an opening in your schedule. Save your timetable and proceed to the Program selection page.
  3. Click on the “program” you wish to join (for example, Bronze) and you will be added to the waiting pool. Remember – you must take the levels in order.
  4. When the minimum number of students to run the program has availability at the same time you will be notified by email and given further instructions on how to complete your registration and payment.

Note: Should your schedule change before we are able to offer you a group you can log on again and change your Availability Time Table. The more time you indicate that you are available, the better your chances of getting the training you want.


Participants at all levels must demonstrate that they have a basic grasp of the skills and concepts and must fully participate in the program. In order to successfully complete each level, students must finish all tasks and successfully pass the final quiz.

Refund policies

Once you’ve confirmed registration, cancellation must happen at least 24 hours before the start of the first class to receive a full refund. If you must withdraw from the course without 24 hours notice and do not attend the first class, you will be charged a $20 missed appointment fee. Thus, you will only be entitled to a $30 refund. Students who attend the first class but then choose to withdraw, or students who fail the course will not receive a refund.