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Stay up to date with all things off-campus! Our quarterly newsletter provides information to students living off-campus or thinking about living off-campus, including: housing services, covid-19 safety and rental implications, important rental timelines, upcoming events and resources.

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Learn more about Off-Campus Living, the Good Neighbour Guide, the Niagara region and Halloween Dos and Don’ts from our October 2021 issue of Off-Campus Living Newsletter!

If you are new to the Niagara Region – this Getting to know the Niagara Region resource is for you! Learn more about public transit, grocery stores, upcoming events and so much more. While you can visit the big cities around us, you don’t need to go far to find something to do close to campus! The Niagara Region is home to many National Historic Sites (some dating back to the War of 1812), amazing beaches, and nature trails and paths to explore. The resource also provides information on things that you must see, must eat, and must do while living in Niagara! Please enjoy this clickable PDF resource.

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