Student experience

Experiential Education

The clinic offers through Recreation Services one non-credit short course in Sports Injury Taping and Wrapping (4 hrs) and one more advanced course called Practical Athletic Training (8 hrs).

Students interested in gaining academic credit in courses related to sport injury management and athletic therapy can enroll in Kin 3P80, 4P80, 4P81 and 4P82.

Sports Injury Taping and Wrapping

Learn basic taping and wrapping techniques for common soft tissue injuries including ankle, wrist, thumb and shoulder. Developed by professional athletic therapists to benefit the trainer, coach, physical education/kinesiology student, teacher and athlete. Recommended for future student therapists.

Practical Athletic Training

Practical hands-on training will equip you with the basic skills to manage and prevent on-field injuries. Training includes emergency care, fracture and soft tissue injury care, return to play decision making, wound care, stretching, concussion recognition, and an introduction to taping and wrapping. Recommended for future student athletic therapists and personal trainers.


Student athletic therapist internship opportunities are available to gain experience working both in clinic and on-field with a varsity team. Students’ practical experiences may include pre-event taping, wrapping and sport massage, as well as assisting a lead therapist with acute injury management.

Students who want to volunteer and gain experience in the field of Athletic Therapy are encouraged to apply. Applications are open in the first week of February for each upcoming year.