Our mission

Our philosophy

Our team takes a global approach to assessment and treatment, creating an individualized plan that focuses on restoring movement and well being. Our therapists’ utilize a combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription to optimize movement patterns and restore peak performance.

Our mission

To provide exceptional multidisciplinary care and experiential education in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sport and exercise related injuries.

Our team

Brock’s team of sport medicine specialists have a wealth of experience to draw on from various major international competitions such as the Olympics, Paralympics, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and World University (FISU) Games.

Brock Sports Medicine’s lead therapists supervise, mentor, and train 50 undergraduate student therapists who provide therapy services to our varsity teams as part of a volunteer experiential education placement.

Locally the therapists and student therapists have recently served at the Canadian Senior and Junior Wrestling Championships, the 2017 Ontario Special Olympics, The Standard High School Basketball Championships and in the minor football leagues in the community.