Current Promotions

What do we offer?

  • Research: We have unique areas of interest and focus upon both cutting-edge research and applied projects;
  • Events: We regularly host forums, webinars, and other types of events to engage community members, industry stakeholders, and sport organizations;
  • Services: We offer professional development, consulting, and training for corporate, public, non-profit, and education groups
  • We also offer open-resources, partnerships, and MORE!

We can meet your workplace and volunteer needs. Check out these offerings below!

Team Building on the Water

Team Building on the Water is a unique corporate training program that integrates an interactive sport experience with Facilitate-led exercises related to team cohesion, leadership, culture building, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Talk to a Member

Do you need expert advice to enhance your organization, corporation, or institution? Reach out to one of our members who has professional expertise in an array of subject areas such as sport management, tourism, recreation, culture, and community.

Sport Support Team

The SST connects student experiential learning opportunities with community sport association capacity-building needs. We partner with local sport and recreation clubs to match their needs with students to build meaningful connections and make a positive change in their community. Learn more from the link below!

Servicing & Consulting

The Centre for Sport Capacity offers services and consulting for your organization, or academic institution. Our consulting services, professional development, and training development help to generate evidence for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and policy development.