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  • Devan O’Connor – Entry Blog, Project Assistant

    My passion and joy for sport and recreation was established at a very young age. Sport has been a constant that has not only driven foreword in life but also connected my family together for as long as I can remember. Participating in sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball fueled the passion I have for this industry, and the opportunity to play five years of varsity volleyball reinforced this passion. The benefits volleyball has provided me in my life, the way it has challenged and helped my grow as a person, and the opportunity it presented to give back to my community (coaching the young athletes of tomorrow), is something I deeply cherish. So rarely do we get the opportunity to do what we love, so when the opportunity to work with the Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC) came up, I knew I had to chase the chance to contribute to such an amazing organization.

    Hi! My name is Devan O’Connor, and I am from Milton, Ontario. I am currently in my fourth year of study as an Honours Environment and Tourism Management Student, with a minor in Geography and Environmental Sustainability at Brock University. In the fall of 2023, I had the opportunity to interview with the CSC for their Project Assistant position. A graduating requirement of the Geography and Tourism department is the completion of our TOUR 4F99 Internship course, and it was here that I came across a job posting that made me so excited I knew I had to apply. In the first moments that I met Grace Nelson and listened to her talk about the Centre, I knew this was where I wanted to be. The passionate way she spoke about the Centre inspired me, and it was in those first moments I knew what a special opportunity I had in front of me. As of now, it has only been a month of working with the CSC, but every person I have met and every meeting we have, fills me with so much joy and promise and I look forward to the eight months that I will get to spend here. Since beginning I have had the wonderful opportunity to begin work on our project within the Centre, generating research for the “State of Sport in Niagara Report.” The opportunity to learn from individuals like Grace Nelson, along with CSC Director Dr. Julie Stevens, and many other members of the CSC team has been an amazing opportunity.

    The CSC’s driving force is knowledge mobilization. Knowledge mobilization works to understand and expand the capacity of sports organizations while acknowledging the challenges faced by these organizations and collaborating to create new initiatives and solutions. The opportunity to expand my knowledge past the practical experience I am familiar with, and step into a new role that focuses on research-based learning to create solutions is what most excited me about working with the CSC. The ability to better understand how to translate my own internal and practiced knowledge within sport organizations, support it with conducted research, and create practical solutions within that process is a skill I was actively looking to practice and love the challenge this process has since presented for me. A balance between constant learning and individual progress, combined with a chance to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who challenge me to think outside of my own experience is truly what makes working with the CSC unique and special.

    As a mature student who has actively worked in the sport industry in multiple veins, I want to push myself to be a force of good within the Centre and use my experience to offer creative and new perspectives and insights on the projects we complete during my time. My current experience working within the Halton and Peel regions as a youth mentor, athlete development officer, and volleyball coach all support what I am looking to accomplish with the Centre. In everything I do I look to see how I can align my own goals for personal growth with the organizations I represent. Being a varsity athlete has taught me to act with the upmost respect and care, as everything we do reflects on those we represent. I am proud to be a new member working with the CSC and am excited to represent and support them. The ability to uplift a community is a unique and beautiful experience, and it is a challenge that I am so excited to tackle.

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  • Antonia Miksic – Entry Blog, Project Assistant

    Throughout my time at Brock University, I always knew I wanted to get involved in one way or another. As the COVID-19 pandemic caused the university to shut down and move to online learning, it impacted the opportunities available to students. As these restrictions were lifted, I was eager to get involved and find opportunities to engage and connect with others.

    Hi! My name is Antonia Miksic, and I am from Oakville, Ontario. I am a fourth-year Concurrent Education student with teachable’s in Geography and History and a minor in Urban and Planning Studies. I am currently enrolled in a full-year internship course (GEOG 4F99) which corresponds with my position at the Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC). Until the end of the 2023-2024 school year, I will be working with the CSC as a project assistant generating a “State of Sport and Recreation in Niagara” Report where I am interested in exploring the relationship of nature and outdoor tourism as well as gender inclusivity in sport.

    Throughout my university experience, I have completed a handful of research projects where I have gained knowledge and learned new skills to help prepare me for future opportunities in the workplace. As I found an interest in research, I knew I wanted to find an internship opportunity related to this field. When applying to different internship opportunities, the CSC stood out to me the most. As a geography student, I was eager to contribute my knowledge of tourism and relate it directly to the “State of Sport and Recreation in Niagara Report”. In addition to the hands-on and real-world learning experience this project includes, the final report will be distributed across the Niagara region. I mean, who could pass up on an opportunity like that!

    Growing up I always participated in some form of sport. My experiences in sports such as soccer, hockey, dance, and gymnastics provided me with opportunities to engage with others and learn from many role models. Given my background in sport and educational interests in geography/tourism, I believe I can provide the CSC with ongoing knowledge and connections with personal experiences as well as an open mind willing to learn something new every day! My positive attitude and dedication to the position will be a great asset to the team!

    Within the past month during the beginning stages of my internship, I have had the opportunity to meet and begin research with the CSC Director Dr. Julie Stevens, Coordinator Grace Nelson and classmate Devan O’Connor generating research for the “State of Sport and Recreation in Niagara Report”. The CSC is full of welcoming and supportive individuals which has made starting this role a great experience so far and I am eager to continue and learn from the whole team!

    During my time working with the CSC, I hope to be a valuable asset to the team and incorporate new ideas with a positive attitude and an open mind. Something so unique about this experience is the various perspectives team members will incorporate to generate this report. It is a new opportunity that has been great so far and hope to thrive as my experience with the CSC continues. As the pandemic impacted many opportunities to get involved, I knew I needed to put myself out there and be a part of a team which is what I envision while working with the CSC!

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  • Taela Ritchie – Entry Blog, Event, Marketing, and Communications Assistant

    Hi! My name is Taela Ritchie. I am a fourth-year student in Business Communications at Brock University from the city of Barrie, Ontario. I am very enthusiastic about starting my placement as the Event, Marketing, and Communications Assistant at the Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC) at Brock. 

    With assistance from my academic advisor, I was introduced to the internship course (Internship in Communication, Popular Culture or Film, COMM 4F00). In wanting to weigh all possible career options within the field of Business Communications, I gave myself the opportunity to explore the idea of Public Relations (PR) and Social Media (SM).  

    Upon reviewing the list of internship possibilities, I was immediately drawn to the CSC at Brock University. I believe that the CSC will afford me the opportunity to see in action how sports can be implemented into my profession and help me identify if PR or SM are where my passions align. While interning for the CSC, I wish to learn a variety of strategies, skills, and techniques that are used by SM to gather the target audiences’ attention and stop scrollers in their tracks. Additionally, I want to use this internship as an opportunity to meet new people and develop relationships with others who are interested in the same field of work as myself, to build my professional community.  

    Growing up, my siblings and I were very engaged in sports; from playing a variety of different sports to watching them on the TV, my siblings and I were immersed in the sport community. I have, for as long as I can remember, been intrigued by the prospect of pursuing a career in sport, however I wasn’t sure what opportunities were available to me. Since the first days of my Business Communications program, I have had the chance to explore different job opportunities within the sports industry. I have had a high interest in the field of PR agency and SM, giving me the chance to work behind the scenes within the industry. I also thoroughly enjoy the concept of damage control and conflict resolution which are factors within the sport industry. These are important factors to consider in the sport industry because in the face of conflict you need someone well versed in crisis communication so the organizations reputation does not get tarnished, and they can bounce back. Although I feel drawn to the concept of being a sport PR agent, I never had the opportunity to really explore what this would look like. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of PR and SM as it allows me to be the “middleman” and communicate with the public on behalf of the company, through various SM platforms.  

    I see myself being an asset to the CSC team as I bring a positive attitude and am always willing to try something new; learning and growing from educational experiences. Throughout my program so far, I have learned how to communicate (in various forms such as written, oral, non-verbal, digitally, reports, and proposals), ethics and etiquette, active listening, conflict and crisis communication, developing strategies to achieve and measure goals, and inter- and intra-communication within the professional and public environment. This placement opportunity will allow me to build relationships with individuals and companies in the world of sport and sport research. 

    In everything that I do, I aim to be a force for good. It is important to remember who you represent and to do so honorably and respectably, whether this be your family, your school, your sports team, or your place of employment. I take pride in the person I am and the work I accomplish and aim to improve the CSC’s output for good through events, marketing, and communications to all members of the public and target audiences.   

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  • Jonathan Pinnington – Entry Blog, Marketing, Communications, and Event Coordinator

    From a very young age, I knew I wanted to work in sport. Participating in various youth community sports such as hockey, soccer, and baseball was beneficial in me gaining a passion for sports and the sport industry. In addition, it has also helped me see the many values and benefits that sport brings to both an individual and a community. This is why interning at the Centre for Sport Capacity was a must for me!

    Hi, my name is Jonathan Pinnington, and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I am a fourth-year student at Brock University studying Sport Management. This fall of 2023, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with the Centre for Sport Capacity at Brock University, in the Marketing, Communications, and Event Intern position. If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I am an avid sports fan. I love all sports, but hockey is by far my favourite (being a die-hard Leafs and Penguins fan). During my time at Brock, I have been fortunate enough to continue playing sports, participating in various intramural teams. My most notable-non-academic achievement is being a member of Brock’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, for which I am currently serving as the team President. As an outgoing and creative individual, I am excited to bring these two traits to the Centre and continue to develop both personally and professionally.

    Entering my fourth and final year, I had heard about the opportunity to acquire an internship through many of my professors. After expressing interest in acquiring an internship, I was directed to Brock CareerZone and began looking. I recognized the Centre for Sport Capacity immediately after having its Director, Dr. Julie Stevens, as a professor in my third year Sport Management Field Work course. I was intrigued about the Marketing, Communications, and Event Intern position as I have always enjoyed those three areas. Specifically, the creative aspect behind them. The idea of being able to use my creativity in those areas was very enticing, so I applied and was granted an interview.

    As already indicated, I am very outgoing and creative and am excited to bring these two traits to the Centre. I am especially excited to get to work with and get to know my fellow colleagues, while continuing to learn more about the Centre and the work they do in various areas of sport. Now in my fourth year, I have realized that I really enjoy marketing and brand management. Specifically, putting my own creative touch on an existing brand or creating and developing my own brand. Honestly, I really like just being able to unleash my creativity on projects. One thing that I was really impressed about from my interview was Dr. Stevens and the Centre Coordinator Grace Nelson’s commitment to tailor the internship to my learning style and strengths. I am a very hands-on learner and like to be able to get my hands dirty and immerse myself in whatever I do. After a few days here, Grace and Dr, Stevens have definitely followed through on their actions! I have been able to explore the Centre’s LinkedIn and Instagram accounts while also getting to experiment with the different design features on Canva and WordPress. I find their commitment and ambition to their colleagues and interns is crucial to personal and professional development as well as experiential education. These are two things Dr. Stevens is very passionate about and likes to incorporate in every setting. I speak from experience having her as a professor. That’s why, after completing my first week here, I knew the Centre was the right choice for me.

    The biggest thing I want to accomplish at the Centre is to build, grow, and expand the Centre’s brand. I feel that I can accomplish this by using the many lessons and skills I have learned from my past experiences. One past experience that I feel will help me accomplish my goal is my time as the Social Media Coordinator for Brock’s Women’s Basketball team in my third year Sport Management Field Work Course. In that role, I gained experience in social media management (running the team’s Instagram account) and digital editing softwares (e.g., Boxout Sports to create game day graphics). Both skills are easily transferable to my position here at the Centre as I will be managing the Centre’s social media accounts and creating professional content with Canva. One thing I want to accomplish is becoming proficient with social media management and using digital editing softwares, such as exploring and playing around with different designs, features, fonts, etc. on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Canva. Another area I hope to become more proficient in is communication, explicitly learning how to communicate effectively in a professional workplace setting and in meetings. I feel that working alongside my colleagues here at the Centre as well as with other Centre members and partners on various events, initiatives, and workshops will help me accomplish this goal. Personally leading meetings, new initiatives, and workshops will also be beneficial in strengthening my communication skills. The last area I hope to strengthen is decision-making. Throughout my time at Brock, I have always been hesitant about making decisions on projects, most notably decisions about micro details, such as fonts, design style, and other elements. During my short time here, I have already needed to make decisions on various projects, and I already feel I am becoming more confident in making those decisions. I hope that by working alongside my peers, I continue to gain more confidence.

    Overall, I feel I can be a force for good within the Centre by bringing my extroverted personality, enthusiasm, and creativity to the workplace each day. I feel that the lessons I have learned both in class and in life, as well as my enthusiasm for sport will help to both improve the Centre’s output and offer new perspectives and insights on projects and events. Moreover, I feel that I can use my creativity skills on various projects such as planning events like the Safe Sport Forum and Unleash Your Influence Webinar and posting on social media to further grow and expand the Centre’s brand. I hope to continue to learn as much as I can and continue to develop both personally and professionally.

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