Chris Weier – Exit Blog, Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Coordinator


Hello, my name is Chris Weier. I am from Niagara on the Lake, Ontario and I am finishing my Sport Management degree at Brock University where I will graduate in the Fall. Throughout the Summer, I spent my time as the Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Coordinator at the Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC).

This internship position with the CSC allowed me to develop both professionally and personally as an individual. I was able to develop soft and hard skills in areas that I had little to no experience in before, that can be transferred to future employment opportunities. Firstly, I was able to expand my marketing skills, specifically around social media. I was able to create written content for the CSC’s social media platforms  (Twitter and LinkedIn) for a variety of our events. Secondly, I was able to grow my event management knowledge by planning and executing several events  throughout the Summer.

Additionally, I was also able to develop my communication skills, both written and verbal, during my time at the CSC. There was a tremendous amount of email communication that occurred daily where I was able to learn proper email etiquette and best practices. I was also able to broaden my verbal communication when sharing ideas in meetings and having conversations with various colleagues.

Through this internship, I can recognize that communication is still an area for improvement for myself, and continuing to reflect on my experience will be beneficial to my professional development. I want to become more comfortable talking in front of a group of people and being confident when sharing my opinion in group settings.

The most exciting project I was able to be a part of was the CSC’s LEAD LIKE A GIRL program that took place during the Niagara 2022 Canada Games. This program was designed for 11-13-year-old girls as a leadership program where participants were immersed in classroom sessions and had the unique opportunity to attend and watch women’s Canada Games competitions. I was tasked with the sales and marketing promotion of the program through the CSC’s social media platforms and by reaching out to community members through phone and email communication. I was also a major contributor to the logistical planning for the program, to ensure we delivered an engaging experience for the participants.

The most rewarding aspect of this program for me was knowing that I played a part in inspiring the next generation of women to be strong leaders both in sport and in the community. This first installment of the LEAD LIKE A GIRL program was highly successful, and it will be exciting to see the future and evolution of this program.

Being a part of the Canada Games was also an experience that I am grateful for. Whether it was with the LEAD LIKE A GIRL program, partnering with the Coaching Association of Canada  (CAC) to offer a Mental Health 101 workshop for coaches, or working at the Brock activation tent, I was able to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and various parts of Canada, all with a common interest in sport.

As I reflect on my internship experience, working for the Centre for Sport Capacity has taught me a great deal about how sport organizations work and the general workplace environment. I have learned what my strengths are as a person and employee, but I have also seen areas that still need improvement in the future. These lessons are invaluable and will be used for my professional development and growth as a person.

I want to thank the Centre for Sport Capacity for making this an enjoyable and exciting four months and I encourage students to explore all the experiential education opportunities  the CSC offers.

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