Student Scholarly Conference Support

The FOSS Student Scholarly Conference Support Award (formerly the FOSS Student Travel Award) is an initiative housed in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, to support FOSS students’ participation in scholarly conferences.

Students enrolled full-time in a Faculty of Social Sciences undergraduate or graduate degree program are eligible to apply for funding to support participation in a conference at which they will present their research. The maximum award in support of participation in a North American or virtual conference is $300; the maximum award in support of participation in an in-person conference held outside North America is $700.

A student may receive FOSS Scholarly Conference Support funding only once during each of their programs (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate). However, a student who received conference support during their undergraduate program, for example, may be eligible again during their master’s or doctoral program.

Students are encouraged to investigate potential sources for travel funding that may be available from other internal sources.

When to Apply

Applications can be submitted upon acceptance to present at a conference and must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the conference date or date of travel. Submissions received after the conference date will not be accepted.

Please ensure that you download the supervisor’s approval form prior to accessing the application as you will need to upload the form as part of the application process.

FOSS Student Conference Support application