Research Assistantship

The FOSS Research Assistantship is an initiative housed in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences. The intention of this award is to support students in gaining new experiences and opportunities while also supporting faculty members’ research.

This special initiative offers a competitive process by which faculty members may apply for a Graduate Research Assistantship or an Undergraduate Research Assistantship in the amount of $4,000. A faculty member contribution of $1,000 is required. Each successful student will receive a RAship contract for $5000, less applicable government remittances. The Dean and Associate Deans will adjudicate the competition within the Dean’s office.

This application is comprised of the following sections: 

  1. Rationale describing how the RAship will be used
  2. Description of student training opportunities describing the training opportunities that will be provided to the student
  3. Description of other benefits to student which may include publications and presentations, expertise, or other relevant benefits
  4. Description of the expected benefits to supervising researcher and the Faculty of Social Sciences

Read full application instructions here.

Deadline: early 2023 (to be confirmed)

Applicants are reminded that both the sponsoring faculty member and the participating student are required to work together to complete the application. Use the Save and Continue feature in the application to receive a link to return and complete this form from any computer. Both faculty member and student can use this link to access and complete their sections of the application.

Research Assistantship Application