Murray E. G. Smith

Professor, Sociology

Office: STH 408
905-688-5550 x4370

PhD, University of British Columbia
MA, University of Manitoba
BA, University of Manitoba

Murray E.G. Smith’s principal research and teaching interests are in the areas of theoretical and international political economy, classical sociological theory, Marxist theory, social movements, and the sociology of health and illness. He has published articles in the Canadian Review of Sociology and AnthropologyStudies in Political Economy, the Canadian Journal of SociologyScience & Society, the Review of Radical Political Economics, the Brock ReviewHistorical MaterialismRethinking Marxism and Labour/Le Travail; and contributed entries to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, the Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy, and the Encyclopedia of Case Study Research and chapters to several edit collections. He is the author of Invisible Leviathan: The Marxist Critique of Market Despotism beyond Postmodernism (University of Toronto Press, 1994), the editor of Early Modern Social Theory: Selected Interpretive Readings (Canadian Scholars Press, 1998), and the co-author (with Judith Blackwell and John Sorenson) of Culture of Prejudice (Broadview Press, 2003; University of Toronto Press, 2008). His most recent books are Global Capitalism in  Crisis: Karl Marx and the Decay of the Profit System (Fernwood Publishing, 2010) and Marxist Phoenix:  Studies in Historical Materialism and Marxist Socialism (Canadian Scholars Press International, 2014).