John Sorenson

Professor, Sociology

Office: STH 414
905-688-5550 x4369

PhD, York University
MA, University of Alberta
BA, University of Alberta

John Sorenson gives courses on nonhuman animals and human society and on corporate globalization. Taking a Critical Animal Studies approach, his work is concerned with the idea of trans-species social justice and considers the oppression and exploitation of nonhuman animals in the context of global capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. Much of his past research has been on war, nationalism and refugees and he was active in Third World solidarity groups and in humanitarian relief work in the Horn of Africa with the Eritrean Relief Association. His most recent book is Dog’s Best Friend?: Rethinking Canid Human Relations. (co-edited with Atsuko Matsuoka). McGill-Queens University Press. Other books are Critical Animal Studies: Towards Trans-Species Social Justice(Rowman & Littlefield International); Constructing Ecoterrorism: Capitalism, Speciesism and Animal Rights(Fernwood); Critical Animal Studies: Thinking the Unthinkable (Canadian Scholars Press); Defining Critical Animal Studies: An Intersectional Social Justice Approach for Liberation (Peter Lang Publishers); Animal Rights; Ape; Culture of Prejudice: Arguments in Critical Social Science; Ghosts and Shadows: Construction of Identity and Community in an African Diaspora; Imagining Ethiopia: Struggles for History and Identity in the Horn of Africa; Disaster and Development in the Horn of Africa; and African Refugees. Current projects include SSHRC-sponsored research on animals and social work, and research on wildlife in Asia.