Dr. Kate Bezanson

Kate Bezanson works in the areas of social and family policy, gender, social reproduction/care, constitutional law, political economy, and federalism.

Dr. Kate Bezanson holds an Honours BA (Trent University), MA and PhD (York University) and LLM (Osgoode Hall Law School).  She is currently on secondment leave, serving as special advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada.  Prior to this, she served as Associate Dean (Faculty of Social Sciences, Brock University), Professor (Sociology, Brock University), Faculty Research Fellow at the Institute for Gender and the Economy (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto), faculty affiliate with the graduate programmes in Critical Sociology and Social Justice and Equity Studies  (Brock University), and associated graduate faculty (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University).  She served as a University Senator, was the Chair of the Senate Student Appeals Board, served on the editorial board of the Canadian Review of Sociology and the Canadian Review of Social Policy.  Dr. Bezanson also served on the federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario South and West.

Her policy research has focussed on gender, social reproduction/care, federalism, social policy architecture, taxation, leaves to care, childcare and gender-based violence. Her legal research has centred on public law, particularly in relation to policy, federalism and Charter equality issues. Dr. Bezanson also has training in dispute resolution and is past president of both a not for profit childcare centre and a second stage women’s and children housing centre.

She strives to bridge academic research with practicable policy approaches, and to translate this work for general audiences. Her analysis and commentary have appeared in Canadian and international print, radio and television media such as CBC, Globe and Mail, New York Times, National Post, and CTV.








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Kate Bezanson has provided policy advice to governments/individual elected members/candidates representing all major political parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green) at municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Dr. Bezanson has in the past been a supporter of two different major political parties. Most recently, she contributed to the re-election of her local federal candidate and candidate’s party in 2019 (Liberal), and to the campaign of a local councillor in 2018.