Student Research Award

The FOSS Student Research Award is an initiative housed in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences. The intention of the award is to recognize student research that contributes to and advances research and scholarship in the Faculty of Social Sciences, in broad terms.

Undergraduate students (third or fourth year) in an honours program with a research project component, master’s students with a research component to their program, and doctoral students are eligible to apply, provided their research has not previously been recognized through external grants such as SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC, or OGS.

FOSS Student Research Awards are valued from $1000 to 1500.

Applications will be adjudicated based on the strength of the research proposal, academic standing, and research CV. Undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students will be evaluated separately.

A student may receive a Student Research Award only once during their program.

Deadline to Apply

Two Student Research Award competitions are held each year: January 10 and March 10

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date. (When the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be due on the first business day following.) Applications received after the deadline noted above will be held for consideration in the next competition round.

Applicants are reminded to format their research CVs according to the template provided.

Student Research Award Application