Student Research Award

The FOSS Student Research Award is an initiative housed in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences. The intention of the award is to recognize student research that contributes to and advances research and scholarship in the Faculty of Social Sciences, in broad terms.

Undergraduate students (third or fourth year) in an honours program with a research project component, MA students with a research component to their program and PhD students, are eligible to apply.

Students whose research has already been recognized through external grants such as CIHR, NSERC, OGS, or SSHRC are not eligible to apply.

Research Awards Valued at $1000.00 – $1500.00

Successful applicants can receive no more than one award per budget year (May 1 – April 30).

Award applications submitted by the student should include the following:

• a project title;

• a 100 -150 word media abstract;

• a 500- 800 word research proposal ( including research objectives, literature review and methodology);

• a screen shot of grades from the portal; and

• a research CV (attached template).

Applications will be adjudicated on the basis of the strength of the research proposal, academic standing, and research CV. Undergraduate, MA and PhD students will be evaluated separately.

Deadline to submit applications is January 10, 2022 at 12 noon

Student Research Award Application