Undergraduate Student Awards

The following awards are available for current and graduating undergraduate students in Psychology.

To search the University’s awards database for more award opportunities and application procedures, go to: https://my.brocku.ca/BrockDB/safa_awardaccountsearch.aspx

This award is intended to recognize students who best exemplify the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock in one of more of the following areas: leadership, courage, innovation, inspiration & community involvement.

Awarded to the student with the highest graduating average in pass Psychology at Spring Convocation.

This annual award is to recognize outstanding achievements made by students at the honours level of study in each Canadian department of Psychology.

Awarded to a 4th year psychology honours student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and is currently enrolled in PSYC 4F91 – Empirical Research Thesis.

Awarded annually to students in the Faculty of Social Sciences that show evidence of good writing in their course essays.

Awarded to the most distinguished graduate in Spring Convocation for each department and program.

This annual award is presented to a fourth-year undergraduate student who has demonstrated a clear interest for research in the social or cultural areas of psychology.

This award is given to the student whose essay best describes how they used the library resources to do research.

Awarded annually to a third year student with good academic standing in Developmental Psychology courses (PSYC 2F12, 3P11, 3P18, 3P23, 3P27, 3P56, 3P74, 3P93, 3P94, 4F31, 4V89 and CHYS 2F10, 2P35, 2P38, 2P98, 2P99, 3P20).

To be awarded annually to the most exceptional student in the previous years PSYC 1F90 course.

Awarded to one student from each section of PSYC 3F40.

Awarded annually to a student majoring in Psychology or Neuroscience at Brock University. Preference will go to a student enrolled in an honours program in the 3rd or 4th year, or to a graduate student, who is interested in pursuing the field of brain injury rehabilitation and demonstrates community involvement or work related experience in the social/health services field.