Tim Heinmiller

Graduate Program Director
Associate Professor, Political Science

BA, MA (Guelph)
PhD (McMaster)

Office: Plaza 347
905-688-5550 x4232

Professor Heinmiller came to Brock’s Department of Political Science in 2005, after completing a Ph.D. in Comparative Public Policy at McMaster University, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario. His research focuses on Canadian and comparative public policy, investigating why governments choose some policies over others. Much of his research has focused on water policy development in Canada and elsewhere, but his more recent work has expanded into other environmental policy areas and even into health and criminal justice policy. A common strain in all of his research is the application and development public policy process theories, and he has published work using most of the mainstream theories of the policy process.

Area of specialization:

  • Canadian public policy
  • Comparative public policy
  • Theories of the policy process
  • Water policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Criminal justice policy
  • Heinmiller, B. Timothy. (2016) Water Policy Reform in Southern Alberta: An Advocacy Coalition Approach. University of Toronto Press.
  • Watch a video of Prof. Heinmiller’s latest research entitled “Ideology and Water Politics in Southern Alberta.” 
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