Joanne Heritz

Assistant Professor (LTA)

Joanne Heritz

Ph.D.: McMaster University
MISt: University of Toronto
M.A.: Brock University
B.A. (Honours): Brock University

Office: Plaza 339

Joanne Heritz is Assistant Professor (LTA) of Political Science at Brock University. She is also a Research Associate for Brock’s Niagara Community Observatory. She holds a PhD in Comparative Public Policy from McMaster University, an MA and BA in Political Science from Brock University, and a Master of Information Studies from the University of Toronto.

Professor Heritz’s current research and teaching interests are in Public Policy, Public Administration, and Canadian Studies. Research interests include urban Indigenous Peoples in Canada, the representation of marginalized minorities in policy processes, and urban governance. Current research projects address the housing crisis in Canada. A community-driven partnership with the Indigenous community in Niagara assists in asserting their voices in local housing policy. Another project looks at how soaring housing costs have impacted on sustaining food security in Niagara.

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Heritz, Joanne. “From Self-Determination to Service Delivery: Canada’s Urban Aboriginal Strategy.” In New Public Management, Urban First Nations Organisations and Indigenous Rights. Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences (Forthcoming)

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Heritz, Joanne. 2016. “Municipal-Aboriginal Advisory Committees in Four Canadian Cities: 1999-2014.” Canadian Public Administration 59(1): 135-153.

Heritz, Joanne. 2016. “Indigenous Inclusion in Public Policy: A Comparison of Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Travellers in Ireland.” International Indigenous Policy Journal. 7(3): 1-23.

Heritz, Joanne, Kathy Moscou, Charles Conteh. 2022. “Improving Safe and Affordable Housing for Women in Niagara, Before and After COVID-19.” Policy Brief #54.

Heritz, Joanne. 2020 “Looking Ahead and Looking Up: Affordable Housing in Niagara.” Niagara Community Observatory. Policy Brief # 48.

Heritz, Joanne. 2012. “Urban Aboriginal Self-Determination in Toronto.” In Well-Being in the Urban Aboriginal Community, edited by David Newhouse, Kevin FitzMaurice, Tricia McGuire-Adams and Daniel Jetté. Toronto: Thompson Books

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Courses taught:

POLI 1P98: Politics, Policy & Public Service
POLI 2P93: Liberal Democracy
POLI 3P11: Local Government
POLI 3P12: Party Politics and Political Behaviour
POLI 3P14: Indigenous Politics in Canada
POLI 3P67: Advanced Issues in Canadian Public Policy
POLI 3P98: Public Sector Management
POLI 4P07: Postmodern Political Theory
POLI 4P10: Issues in Local Government
POLI 4P12: Citizen Politics
POLI 4P01: Philosophy of Law
POLI 4P50: Machinery of Government
POLI 4P54: Business-Government Relations
POLI 4P67: Comparative Public Policy
POLI 4P95: Internship