Hugo Chesshire
Supervisor: Prof. Leah Bradshaw
Thesis title: Online Anonymity and the Kantian Publicity Principle: Can the Internet Solve the Paradox of Tyranny?

“It asserts that new internet technologies offering public speech with the ‘shield’ of anonymity can resolve the paradox of rebellion against tyranny and the Kantian publicity principle, which states that other-regarding actions are wrong if they cannot be publicly disclosed.

I’m currently working for the Niagara Workforce Planning Board, a regional NGO, as a research associate. We perform labour market research for community stakeholders. I hope to start my own non-profit organization in the future. I’m also writing a book about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in my spare time.

I chose Brock because I really wanted to work with Prof. Bradshaw on my thesis, because of the generous funding package, and because I had done my BA there and I knew I liked the faculty.

My honest opinion of the program is very positive. I found the professors were very accessible and respectful of the graduate students, and generous with their time. The courses were interesting and stimulating, and my peers in the program were very smart and knowledgeable people — I could always be guaranteed of an interesting, intellectual conversation in the grad lounge.”

Laura English
My Supervisor: Pierre Lizée
Research Area: How global power dynamics have been influenced by the War on Terror

“The Graduate program in Political Science at Brock has been great because of its personal nature. Professors and staff in the department are supportive and welcoming. This creates an atmosphere of mutual respect where myself and the other students are treated like peers, but are also offered invaluable help and support. I have also had the opportunity to meet and get to know my fellow students who have become close friends. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and skills, from my peers and the faculty that I can use not just at Brock but also when I Graduate.

Having done my undergraduate degree at Brock I had an existing relationship with some of my professors. Furthermore the small size and personal nature of the program attracted me. In addition to this, Brock and its faculty has a great reputation that they certainly live up to.

I love the Graduate program at Brock. I have developed a great relationship with my peers and the Political Science faculty and staff. I have also learned a lot through the duration of the program, and developed skills that I can use throughout my life.”