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  • New POLI Professor Danielle McNabb in the News

    Assistant Professor of Political Science and recently-minted Ph.D. Danielle McNabb was profiled in The Brock News for her contribution to the Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice (FPAC) program. Her expertise—which includes the role of civil society in the courts, government oversight of the police, and criminal justice policywill also strengthen Political Science’s existing programs in Public Law, Public Policy and Administration, and Canadian Politics. Learn more about Dr. McNabb in The Brock News.

  • Learning around the world

    Mark Chrabalowski holds Ghana flag

    Fourth-year Political Science student Mark Chrabalowski holds the flag of Ghana at Brock International’s exchange pre-departure event on Saturday, Sept. 16. More than 30 students attended the event held to prepare them for their upcoming exchange experiences this winter. Chrabalowski has also completed exchanges in Japan and South Korea during his time at Brock. He is set to depart for Accra, Ghana, in January in his ongoing efforts to grow and learn about different cultures, philosophies and politics. “Every time I go on exchange, I gain so much new experience and perspective that it feels like I’ve lived a whole lifetime there,” he says. Exchange opportunities are available to all Brock students. Learn more.