The Department of Political Science offers students a wide range of courses covering the major areas within the discipline: Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, International Relations and Public Policy and Administration.

Political Science professors are dedicated teachers who are committed to providing students with an excellent grounding in Political Science and many have been recognized for excellence in teaching. 

Faculty teach and research important topics in Political Science, including Aboriginal politics and identity, animal rights, globalization, global information governance, international security, Canadian public policy-making, law and politics, the history of political thought, immigration and diversity policies, Canadian foreign policy, electronic voting, poverty alleviation, regional economic development, theories of democracy and political inclusion, North American regional governance and economic integration, Latin American politics, nationalism and ethnic identity, gender and politics, provincial politics, political parties and voting behaviour.

Our teaching emphasizes ‘transferable’, career-relevant skills, such as critical thinking, clear and coherent writing, working in a team and verbal communication through our small group seminars. 

As important as the learning that takes place inside the classroom is the learning that takes place within the Brock community, the Niagara community and the global community. We offer one of Canada’s largest co-op programs, giving students valuable paid work placements, as well as internship opportunities while earning a course credit. We actively encourage students to get involved, whether it be by joining a club on campus or volunteering in the community and abroad. All of these activities provide contacts and experiences that can potentially open doors to future careers after graduation. 

Many Political Science students go on to successful careers in law and government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal), policy analysis, social work, business, teaching, journalism, security services (including policing) and the growing field of intelligence analysis.

Thank you for your interest in our Department, and we encourage you to contact us or visit us if you are in the area. We offer excellent and personalized academic advising, and welcome any questions you may have about the undergraduate or graduate programs we offer.

Tim Heinmiller
Chair, Department of Political Science