Student profiles

A degree in Labour Studies can lead to careers in the following fields:

  • Labour relations
  • Human resources
  • Labour law
  • Human rights and equity
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Employment Standards enforcement
  • Public policy and administration
  • Social justice/political advocacy
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workers’ rights advocacy
  • Union representation
  • Social services
  • Professor
  • Journalism and media
  • Community organizer
  • Workplace training and consulting
  • Negotiations
  • Communications and public relations

“One of the most valuable things about the Labour Studies program at Brock University is its interdisciplinary nature. This allowed me to tailor my degree to future pursuits while providing me with a solid foundation in social science research methods and a broad understanding of politics, society, economics, and workplace dynamics.”

— Lyndon Ashton, Innovation Centre Manager, Canadian Food and Wine Institute, Niagara College

“I highly recommend pursuing a degree in Labour Studies at Brock. It will challenge you to think critically about the world of work and prepare you for a wide range of rewarding careers in the field of labour relations.”

— Laura Morton, Organizer with SEIU Healthcare

“As a law student, I often found myself relying on the skills and knowledge I learned from Brock’s Labour Studies program. Whether you are seeking a career in law, politics, economics or any other social science, the program’s interdisciplinary approach will provide you with the necessary tools and opportunities you need to succeed.”

— Sanel Kadiric, Employment and Labour Lawyer, Scarfone Hawkins LLP