Micro-certificate in Human Rights at Work

Build your skills and help create fair and just workplaces.

The micro-certificate in Human Rights at Work will be awarded upon successful completion of the following courses with an average of at least 60%.

LABR 1P94 and 1P96
LABR 2Q92 or 3P18

You can start summer or fall 2021.

LABR 1P94 Workplace Rights and Equity will be offered summer 2020 online and accelerated, and then again in the fall.

LABR 1P96 Labour Behind the Label will be offered winter 2021.

LABR 3P18 Work and Racism will be offered winter 2021.

There is no fixed deadline but we encourage you to apply at least two months before the term begins. Brock University has a dedicated team to respond to questions from potential students. Email futurestudent@brocku.ca and a real person will reply to you, answer your questions, and provide more information about what application documents are required. Staff are happy to talk with any potential student, even if you graduated from high school more than a few years ago!

You can also visit https://discover.brocku.ca/appointments to connect with an Evaluation Specialist. There is an option to book an appointment for in depth discussion or do a live chat.

For application details, fee and to apply, please click here.