Alumni Testimonials

Brock University Labour Studies alumni share how their degrees helped shape their careers.

portrait of Nick Ruhloff-Queiruga

“The student experience was top-notch. There is no world in which I’m a lawyer without the mentorship I received from professors in the Department of Labour Studies at Brock.”

Nick Ruhloff-Queiruga
Associate Lawyer at Gibson & Barnes LLP

portrait of Laura Morton

“In retrospect, one of the things I appreciate most about the Labour Studies program at Brock is the range of career options it opened up. From labour relations to human resources and policy analysis, it’s a very versatile degree program.”

Laura Morton
Director of Home and Community Care at SEIU Healthcare

portrait of Quinn Ascah

“I can confidently say that the Labour Studies program at Brock University has been a game-changer for me. The program’s outstanding professors and course offerings ultimately led me to my dream job.”

Quinn Ascah
Constituency Assistant for Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates

portrait of Sanel Kadiric

“I often find myself relying on the skills and knowledge I learned from Brock’s Labour Studies program. Whether you are seeking a career in law, politics, economics or any other social science, the program’s interdisciplinary approach will provide you with the necessary tools and opportunities you need to succeed.”

Sanel Kadiric
Adjudicative Team Lead with the BC Ministry of Labour, Employment Standards Branch

portrait of Stephanie Alce

“After taking a number of Labour Studies courses as electives, I decided to pursue a co-major degree in Political Science and Labour Studies. Every single professor in the department was knowledgeable, engaging, and available for further discussion. What I learned from them allows me to bring specialized knowledge to my current role as a Human Resources Manager. I have only positive things to say about the program.”

Stephanie Alcé
Human Resources Manager, Hollyburn Family Services

portrait of Hugo Chesshire

“Labour Studies is one of those rare programs that not only gives you a deeper and richer understanding of our society and makes you a better citizen, but also confers tangible knowledge and skills that will benefit your career after graduation. I personally benefitted enormously in both ways, and I would recommend the Labour Studies program to anyone.”

Hugo Chesshire
Director of Policy and Government Relations, Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

portrait of Julie Mercier

“The Labour Studies program at Brock will challenge you to think critically about the world of work and prepare you for a wide range of rewarding careers. The faculty’s commitment to students and the program’s emphasis on social justice and activism also made for an unforgettable undergraduate experience.”

Julie Mercier
Managing Partner at Lemon Collective Creative Studio

portrait of Connor Fisher

“The Labour Studies program at Brock University provides a unique perspective on a fundamental aspect of our lives that is often overlooked. This program will open your eyes to the diverse forms of labour and their interconnectedness within our society. Whether you are interested in law, policy work, or human resources, this degree is a fantastic starting point.”

Connor Fisher
Issues Manager & Senior Special Assistant of Parliamentary Affairs to the Minister of Labour and Seniors

portrait of David Worrall

“After almost 30 years in the field of Human Resources, I have had the privilege to assume roles that leveraged my Brock education to develop thinking, systems, and organizational structures that allow people to excel and engage in their world of work, while enrolling and inspiring leaders of all functional disciplines to do the same.”

David Worrall
Principal and Executive Partner, myHRSP – Human Resources Strategic Partner

portrait of Ernie Schirru

“If you are interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, Labour Studies is an excellent choice. It will provide you with the background you need to excel at law school.”

Ernie A. Schirru
Partner, Labour and Employment Law, Koskie Minsky LLP

portrait of Tajinder Rataul

“The education and experiences gained from the Labour Studies program at Brock University have been instrumental in shaping my career in Human Resources. The curriculum and dedicated faculty make the program exceptional.”

Tajinder Rataul
Human Resources Representative, Employee & Transactional Services

portrait of Trevor Kernaghan

“The Labour Studies co-op program at Brock University provided me with the knowledge and skills that allowed me to obtain a rewarding career in human resources.”

Trevor Kernaghan
Supervisor, Labour Relations & Employment Law – Human Resources, Haldimand County

portrait of Matt Skubel

“Brock’s Labour Studies program played a fundamental role in equipping me with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the Ontario Public Service. Choosing Labour Studies will open up a world of career opportunities and I can’t recommend this program enough.”

Matt Skubel
HR Business Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Transportation

portrait of Chris Grawey

“The Labour Studies program at Brock University not only equipped me with practical skills but also nurtured my passion for workers’ rights. This combination has been instrumental in my role as a community legal worker, fighting for the rights of injured workers.”

Chris Grawey
Community Legal Worker at the Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic

portrait of Michael Mancinelli

“The Labour Studies program at Brock University perfectly blended practical skills-based courses with conceptual ones, ensuring a well-rounded foundation in both theory and practical labour relations knowledge.”

Michael Mancinelli
Business Representative & Assistant Business Manager at LiUNA! Ontario Provincial District Council

portrait of Joey DeLazzari

“Labour Studies professors were essential to my growth as a student. I continue to use the skills I developed in the program in my career as a lawyer.”

Joey Delazzari
Associate Lawyer at Daniel & Partners LLP

portrait of Riley Sanders

“The faculty members in the Department of Labour Studies are passionate teachers. They challenged me to think critically about how society works and how we can change things for the better. My Brock degree gave me the skills necessary to drive policy change through advocacy.”

Riley Sanders
Public Affairs Manager, Lung Health Foundation

portrait of Tracey Lewis

“The Labour Studies program broadened my skills, passion for community building, and job prospects, leading me to a rewarding career in the non-profit sector.”

Tracey Lewis
Administrative Coordinator, MyJobMatch

portrait of Lyndon Ashton

“One of the most valuable things about the Labour Studies program at Brock University is its interdisciplinary nature. This allowed me to tailor my degree to future pursuits while providing me with a solid foundation in social science research methods and a broad understanding of politics, society, economics, and workplace dynamics.”

Lyndon Ashton
Associate Director, Food & Beverage and Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centres, Niagara College