Vancouver Field Course

Earn a half Brock credit while exploring and experiencing beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Students sitting outside on Vancouver Field Course

The Department of Geography and Tourism Studies offers students at Brock and other Canadian universities the opportunity to experience Vancouver in a unique and engaging way. The Vancouver Field Course (GEOG/TOUR 3Q93) will be offered June 1-8, 2020. Deadline for applications is January 15, 2020

Course Quick Facts:
  • Open to all Brock students
  • Prerequisite(s): two TOUR (TMGT/TREN) credits, two GEOG credits OR permission of the instructor.
  • Spend one week exploring Vancouver with Drs. Michael Ripmeester and Ebru Ustundag
  • Earn half a Brock credit (TOUR/GEOG 3Q93)
  • This is an OSAP eligible course
  • Learn alongside students from many different backgrounds
  • Credit will count towards your Tourism Studies or Geography major or minor, or as an elective credit
  • Open to any student studying at a Canadian university (through a Letter of Permission)

This course concentrates on Vancouver as a major metropolitan area. Topics may include: the historical geography of Vancouver; planning and architecture; public space in the 21st century; and, the social and cultural geographies of Vancouver.

The goal of this course is to expose students to the intricate, conflicting, and contradictory geographies of a major city. The course emphasizes walking tours during which students engage geographical theories, concepts and ideas. More, it enhances students’ ability to recognize geography’s influence on planning and social policy.

2020 Schedule

Coming soon!

Past Schedules


Monday, May 21
Introduction / Orientation at the University of British Columbia
South Shore Burrard Inlet (CRAB Park to Stanley Park)

Tuesday, May 22
Museum of Anthropology (curated tour)
Kitsilano / South Shore of False Creek

Wednesday, May 23
Downtown / Yaletown / North Shore of False Creek

Thursday, May 24
Day off

Friday, May 25
Gulf of Georgia Cannery Tour

Saturday, May 26
Vancouver’s Edge Cities

Sunday, May 27
East Vancouver

“I loved how much of the city we were able see. It was an experience I know I otherwise would have never had. Both Mike and Ebru were excellent guides and taught me so much about the city and its history as well as made me realize there always a deeper story behind everything. Honestly I don’t think this course could have been any better I would go again once a heartbeat.”

“Learning can occur inside and outside the classroom however being hands on and in the city itself, not only hearing about its history but seeing it, made the course more enjoyable and gave me a much deeper understanding.”

“GEOG/TOUR 3P93 (Vancouver Field course) is an amazing experiential course that covers concepts not only in geography but other disciplines as well, making it an amazing choice for students to take coming from any faculty. Mike and Ebru are amazing at facilitating the lecture material as they are very knowledgeable about a variety of topics specifically relating to the geography of Vancouver. They are passionate about what they teach, and you can feel that energy as they speak, making the course that much more enjoyable. The cost is more than reasonable for a trip to Vancouver. 10/10 would recommend.”

Student highlights from the 2018 Vancouver Field Course

Students standing with instructors outside in Vancouver
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Vancouver 2018
Students on the last day of the 2018 Vancouver Field Course. Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag
Photo by Ebru Ustundag

Please contact Dr. Michael Ripmeester at with any questions related to the Vancouver Field Course.

All prices are approximate. We are currently advising students to budget approximately:

Flights-$700 round trip (based on flights from Toronto to Vancouver)

Lodging at UBC-Average $50/night

Additional costs include all meals and entertainment

Please fill out the Vancouver_Intention_Form_2020 and return it to the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies BY January 15, 2020

Signed forms can be submitted electronically to Virginia Wagg (, and hard copies can be submitted in to the main dropbox in the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies (MC C-322).