• Visiting speaker (September 26)

    Tony Fang from Memorial University will be presenting his paper, “Where Did The Time Go? The Effects of China’s Two-Day Weekend Policy on Labor Supply, Household Work, and Leisure Activities”, tomorrow Tuesday September 26th between 2:30-4:00pm in STH217. 

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  • Visiting speaker (September 19)

    Arthur Sweetman (McMaster) will be presenting September 19 at 2:30 until 4pm in STH 203.
    Title of Paper – Physician Labour Supply: Efficient Use of General-Purpose Surveys

    Physician labor supply trends in Canada from 1987 to 2021 are examined together with the correlates of the current perceived physician shortage. A survey weighting technique with general applicability is employed that enhances estimation quality for profession-specific analysis using the modest sample sizes of general-purpose surveys. Our findings indicate a 16.5% decline in average work hours among practicing physicians during the study period. The reduced work hours among male physicians contribute significantly to this decline. The growing representation of females within the workforce, characterized by fewer hours than their male counterparts, also contributes to the downward trend. Moreover, the aging of the physician workforce contributes noticeably to the overall decline in average work hours. Particularly, there has been an approximately 90% rise in physicians aged 65 and older between 1989 and 2021. These senior physicians work notably fewer hours than their prime-age counterparts. Increasing lengths of absences (e.g., vacations) among physicians also contributes to the decline. Though we cannot distinguish cohort effects from year effects, successive cohorts are observed to work fewer hours than preceding ones.

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  • Visiting speaker (March 16, virtual)

    Melissa Spencer, University of Richmond, will be presenting her paper “Safer Sex? The Effect of AIDS Risk on Birth Rates”. This is a virtual presentation.

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  • Visiting speaker (March 6)

    Evelyn Forget from the University of Manitoba will be presenting her work, “Basic Income in the Wake of the Pandemic on Monday March 6 at 1pm in WH327. Please join us.

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  • Visiting speaker (December 8, virtual)

    This is our last presentation of the Fall term.

    Walter Steingress from the Bank of Canada will be presenting his work, “The fiscal impact of immigration in the United States: Evidence at the local level (joint with Anna Maria Mayda and Mine Z. Senses). Contact Prof. Lamarche at if you want the Zoom link.

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  • Visiting speaker (November 28)

    Ida Ferrara, York University, will present the paper “Does Waste Management Policy Crowd out Social and Moral Motives for Recycling?” Monday November 28 at 1:00pm in WH 303. Please join us.

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  • MBE Q&A Session on November 16 7pm

    Join us on Zoom with your questions.

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  • Visiting speaker (November 10)

    Stephan Heblich, University of Toronto, will present the paper “Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution” Thursday November 10 at 1:30pm in WH 203. Please join us.

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  • Visiting speaker (October 31)

    Mengxiao Liu (Lehigh University) will present the paper “Quality Innovation, Cost Innovation, Exporting, and Firm Productivity Evolution: Evidence from the Chinese Electronics Industry” today at 1pm in WH 303. Please join us.

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  • Visiting speaker (October 27)

    Siha Lee (McMaster) will present the paper “Universal Childcare, Fertility, and Parental Time Investments” on Thursday October 27 at 1pm in WH 327.  Please join.

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