Scott Henderson, Associate Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Scott Henderson, Associate Professor

Office: SBH 340
Extension: 4287; Email:

I am interested in supervising projects in the areas of Popular Music, Cultural Identity, British Pop Culture, Canadian Poplar Culture, Cinema, New Media, Sports (especially soccer).

Ph.D (School of Film and Television Studies), University of East Anglia
MA (Film Studies), University of East Anglia
Honours B.A. (English and History), Trent University

Research Interests:
Music and Locality
Youth Culture
Popular Culture and Identity
British Cinema and Popular Culture
Canadian Popular Culture

Teaching Areas:
Theories of Popular Culture
Popular Cinema
Popular Music
Youth Cinema
Film Theory

Selected Publications: 
'This Ain't Hollywood': Identity, Nostalgia and the Role of Culture Industries in the Hamilton Music Scene, in Canadian Folk Music.

"Come on Eileen: Making Shania Canadian Again", in Canadian Television: Text and Context, edited by Marian Bredin, Sarah Matheson and Scott Henderson. Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 2011. 

"The American Dream on St. Urbain Street: Richler's Duddy Kravitz and Canadian Cinema" in The Modern Jewish Experience in World Cinema. ed. Lawrence Baron, Brandeis University Press. 2011.

“Broadcast Yourself: You Tube, Youth and the Myth of Internet Agency”, in Cultural Production in Virtual and Imagined Worlds, edited by Mary Lou Nemanic and Tracey Bowen. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010 

“Canadian Content Regulations and the Formation of a National Scene” in Popular Music 27/2 (2008) pp. 307-315. Cambridge University Press

“Youth Sexuality and the Nation: Beautiful Thing and Show Me Love” in Youth Culture and Global Cinema, eds. Timothy Shary and Alexandra Seibel, University of Texas Press, 2006


Scott Henderson