Jennifer Good

Department Chair, Associate Professor

Jennifer Good

Ph.D. Communication, Cornell University
M.E.S. Environmental Studies, York University
B.A. International Relations, University of British Columbia

Office: SBH 342
905-688-5550 x3707 

Jennifer Good (PhD Cornell University) teaches classes on environmental communication, psychology of screens, audiences, environmental justice and communication research methods. Her research focuses on mediated communication and our relationship with the environment.

Good researches the role communication plays in how people relate to the “natural environment,” exploring themes of climate change, materialism, eco-spirituality and media/digital literacy.

She has supervised graduate students across a wide range of communication topics most of which have involved some aspect of environmental communication.

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  • Audience Studies
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Media and the Natural Environment
  • Psychology of Screens
  • Social Justice and the Environment