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Students in the Writing Cultural Criticism for the Media course put together a collection of their writing from throughout the term and created a blog space to share with the public.

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Wyatt Boutilier

Building a Marvel: Culture and Counter-Culture in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

“It is a powerful thing, to be able to experience the popular and counter culture, working in vivid tandem. It is one of the most important things we can consider mindfully: that our culture is not a concrete, cohesive singular thing which merely is, unchecked by anything but an invisible guiding force. It is instead made up of a million, billion micro-outlets through which we all engage with, or do not.”


Bridget Dagenais

Coronavirus Steals the Spotlight at Paris Fashion Week

“Bottles of hand sanitizer were being given out as door gifts to attendees of the fashion parties. There were no shortages of medical face masks being handed out to each of the show-goers upon request, and greetings amongst attendees and industry members were reduced to upper arm squeezes, as opposed to handshakes, close-quartered hugs, and the fashion world staple of two-cheek kissing.”


Bridget Dagenais

The Weeknd’s New Album Tops Charts at Largest Debut of 2020

“‘After Hours’ dives into many different themes, ranging from pleasure and love to despair and darkness. The Weeknd himself states, “you can find love, fear, friends, enemies, violence, dancing, sex, demons, angels, loneliness, and togetherness all in the After Hours of the night.” He works to combine many different styles of music into one magnificent album, with songs like Scared to Live, sounding smooth and sentimental, Alone Again, sounding somewhat eerie and dark, and Blinding Lights, sounding bubbly and upbeat.”

Gabriella Harper

Gospel Ye the Podcast


Sadhanna Roy

*CONTENT WARNING* DO NOT READ IF HUNGRY – A Review of Memphis Fire Barbecue Company

“Okay, the actual menu. Where do I begin? Everything is just so GOOD. There may even be a Memphis Fire textbook written in the future that aspiring chefs would use as their bible for preparing Southern food goodness. For the purpose of condensing the menu into a single review, I will walk you through my tried-and-true family order when we embark on a Memphis Fire feast.”