Karlyn Babcock

Fourth year Film Studies student

I am the Mentorship Coordinator with BBB which means I helped select a group of amazing third and fourth year Communication, Popular Culture and Film (CPCF) students to help the first year students adapt and integrate into life at Brock! The peer mentors will be here to help first year students with classes, meeting other first years and getting more involved in the CPCF department. I am so excited for this year and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


Izzy Mohamed

Fourth year Business Communication student

I am the Events and Publicity Coordinator for BBB. My job is to organize events that help you get to know your peers, mentors, and our Communication, Popular Culture and Film (CPCF) department. All of the events are shown through our Instagram, @BBB_brock! I am so excited for you to see what we have planned, have a great first year!