Chair’s Welcome Message


Greetings Incoming and Returning CPCF Students –

I would like to start the 2023-2024 academic year with a very warm welcome. You are joining – or perhaps returning to – a unique department. Communication, Popular Culture and Film brings together a wide range of topics and approaches to the study, research and general critical exploration of these three intertwined disciplines. And what could be timelier in the era of unprecedented realities such as artificial intelligence, fake news and climate change?

I often think and talk about the fact that it is communication, in all its forms, that underlies everything. At a broad level, this means that how we understand ourselves, others, the world – it is all communication. At a narrower level, there is no job, no career, and no graduate discipline that does not involve communication. In other words, the time you spend in CPCF will serve you very well no matter where life takes you. Yes, CPCF is the place to be!
So, whether you are graduating this fall or spring – or you are just starting your CPCF voyage and will graduate years from now – we are glad that you are here. You are part of an ever-growing community of engaged scholarship and people who care deeply about the vital importance of communication, popular culture and film.

Jennifer Good, Chair and Associate Professor