Jan Frijters


Office: CRN 339
905-688-5550 x4219

Dr. Frijters is an Applied Developmental Psychologist with a focus on learning difficulties, motivation, and intervention. He also has a passion for quantitative research methods, especially for techniques such as multilevel modeling, person-centred, and structural equation modeling approaches that can help sort out how developmental processes unfold over time and within specific learning contexts. Several large collaborative projects are underway with collaborators in Beijing and Xi’an China, the University of Stavanger in Norway, Yale University and Georgia State University in the US. These ongoing studies focus on the most severely challenged children, adolescents and adults: providing and evaluating intervention, examining the genetic and brain basis for reading difficulties, and examining how neuropsychological characteristics interact with these factors. There are numerous and rich opportunities for students at every level within his ongoing projects.

Graduate students
Dr. Frijters is accepting graduate students in 2021 at both the MA and PhD levels, in Child and Youth Studies and also at the Center for Applied Disability Studies.

  • The relationship between motivation and reading development or disruptions
  • Instructional features and optimal response to intervention
  • Research methods and quantitative models in developmental research
  • Human growth curve and latent growth modelling of developmental function
  • The genetics and neurobiological aspects of learning difficulties

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