Chelsea Jones

Associate Professor

Office: CRN 335
905-688-5550 x5579

Dr. Chelsea Temple Jones (pronouns: she/her) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Youth Studies. A queer, white settler spoonie, Dr. Jones holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Culture from Ryerson and York Universities and an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University. She completed a Mitacs postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Regina’s Vocally Oriented Investigations of Create Expression (VOICE) Lab—a studio space for disabled folx who communicate in various ways, and not always through speech. She currently holds a SSHRC Insight Development Grant that continues her study of the ways in which ableist, colonial gestures of “giving voice” face resistance from young, disabled adults engaged in disability justice.

Dr. Jones’ qualitative research focuses on disabled children’s childhood studies and takes intellectual disability as a cultural phenomenon. Her work is deeply engaged in disabled, deaf, mad, and crip-informed arts-based research methods informed by her earlier position as a Research Associate at Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice at the University of Guelph. An award-winning teacher and journalist, Dr. Jones is a former Instructor of research methods courses at Ryerson University’s School of Disability Studies and is the co-founder of the transdisciplinary podcast, “Podagogies: A Learning and Teaching Podcast.” She brings storytelling into all of her courses and works with students to create intellectual partnerships that value collaboration through a broad, ever-changing understanding of how we might engage in accessible knowledge production.

  • Critical Disability Studies
  • Disabled children’s childhood studies
  • Critical Animal Studies
  • Disability Media Studies
  • Arts-based research
  • Expressive writing and non-normative narrative
  • Digital storytelling/world-making

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