Student profiles

A background in linguistics is essential for language teachers, translators, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and many other language professionals. Career opportunities include Linguist, Translator, Speech-language Pathologist, Audiologist, Clinical Researcher and ESL Educator.


“The MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) at Brock is an amazing program and the professors here are just fabulous. This program covers almost all aspects of the applied linguistics including teaching theories, methodologies, research techniques, sociolinguistics and some key and hot issues. This could help most students achieve their career goals to be a good ESL/EFL teacher. But for me, a former international student, it has not only provided me a professional linguistics background, but also opened a door for me to see the beauty of multiculturalism and helped me realize that in such a broad world, the applied linguistics is becoming much more useful and has penetrated into many fields. Thus, a lot of potential opportunities and untouched fields are waiting for us to explore and research”

– Justin Zhang, Chief Editor American Consulting Company; Shanghai, China

“When I began the MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL at Brock, I was an experienced subsequent language teacher looking for a program which would help me remain competitive in the international job market and would provide me with intensive professional development. What I got out of the program was much more. Reading, discussing, and writing about current research and work in ESL/EFL reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking as well as considering sociolinguistics, teaching methodologies and research techniques were all part of this program. I was able to look at the research critically, gain knowledge about current trends and practices in the field, and make connections to my own teaching experience. This MA sparked new interest in my profession and teaching and for that I feel that I left the program a better teacher.”

– Kelley Fast, Assistant Professor, Kansai Gaidai University, HirakataCity, Osaka, Japan

“The MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) at Brock provided me with an excellent foundation from which to launch my teaching career. I am now employed as an instructor in Brock’s Intensive English Language Program and I believe the knowledge and experience I gained during my graduate studies have prepared me well for this new challenge. In addition, the chance to participate in the research of various faculty members, as well as collaborate with them on my own project, was invaluable and has opened the door to many future opportunities. Finally, the diverse backgrounds of the students in our program provided us all with new insights and greatly increased our intercultural awareness and understanding. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in ESL teaching or research.”

– Donna Pearce

“The MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) broadened my theoretical knowledge and helped me to appreciate new and practical applications for that knowledge. The program provided me with a setting in which I could work on my academic and research skills while developing ideas for realistic use. I chose to participate in the program because as the owner of a language services company, I recognized the value such skills would add to my credentials. I found the program to be highly challenging and demanding yet equally rewarding, and the professors to be dedicated and passionate experts in their chosen area of study.”

– Isabelle C. Camillo