Cheng Luo

Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics

Cheng Luo

Ph.D. (University of Manitoba)

Office: MC D450I
905-688-5550 x4285

Dr. Luo obtained his Ph. D in linguistics and applied linguistics at the University of Manitoba. He also holds a MA in English Language and Literature and a B. A. in English Language from Wuhan University, China. Prior to coming to Canada, he was teaching English as a lecturer at Wuhan University, China. He also served a one-year term as a visiting scholar at the Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto. Since 2004, he has assumed visiting professorship at various universities in China, including Wuhan University, Guangxi University, Hebei University of Economics, and Wuhan Donghu University.

Dr. Luo’s research interests cover both theoretical linguistics and applied linguistics. In theoretical linguistics, his interests include accessibility and clefting; topicality and contrastive focusing; polysemy between demonstrative, copulas and contrastive focusing markers; typological study on high-digit numerical expressions, and linguistic preferism. In applied linguistics, his research covers effects of first language (L1) on second language (L2) learning, error analysis, corrective feedback, contrastive rhetoric, and use of L1 in L2 classrooms.

Other research interests include:

  • Canadian mosaic cultural mentality viewed from multiple perspectives including geo-cultural mosaic, vertical mosaic, open mosaic, and conflict mosaic
  • Study of Canadian lacrosse in relation to its history, the rise of Canadian nationalism, and cultural appropriation
  • Translation study including translation theories, principles, strategies and techniques; semantic vs. communicative translation; equivalence and translatability; and taxonomy of translation strategies and procedures

A selected collection of Dr. Luo’s publications include


  • Luo, C. (2009). Clefting and Cleftability. Wuhan, HB: WUP.
  • Wan, E. & Luo, C. (1983). Analysis of Typical Errors in English by Chinese EFL Students. Wuhan, HB: Hubei Education Press.

Refereed journal articles:

  • Bozorgian, M. & Luo, C. (2019). Iranian EFL teachers’ attitudes towards use of first language in EFL classes. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 8(1), 43-64.
  • Wang, S, Vanderlee, M. & Luo, C. (2015). Nationalism or cultural appropriation? A critical view of the vicissitudes of Canadian l Journal of Beifang University of Nationalities, No.2: 95-98.
  • Luo, C. (2014). A polygonal view toward the socio-cultural mentality of Canada.” Northwest Tribune on National Minorities, 10: 305-322.
  • Song, H. & Luo, C. (2012). On the domains of using linguistic preferism. Journal of Changchun Normal University, 31(July): 31-33.
  • Luo, C. (2011). Topicality and contrastive focusing in Chinese and English d” Studies in Pragmatics, 4.
  • Luo, C. (2001). Typological parameters for the lexico-syntactic structures of high-digit numerical expressions,” Linguistica Atlantica 22: 1-19.

Book chapters:

  • Luo, C. (2014). A stereoscopic analysis of Canadian mosaic culture. In Wu et al. (Eds.), The Maple Leaf and Mosaic: Canadian Cultural Mentality. Wuhan, HB: WUP.
  • Luo, C. (2014). Sports and arts of a snow-covered “kingdom”. In Wu et al. (Eds.) The Maple Leaf and Mosaic: Canadian Cultural Mentality. Wuhan, HB: WUP.

Refereed conference proceedings:

  • Luo, C. (2006). Contrastive rhetoric and ESL writing. Selected Papers from the 3rd International Symposium on EFL Writing Research and Teaching. Wuhan, HB: WUP.
  • Luo, C. (1998). Typological parameters for the lexico-syntactic structure of high-digit numerical expressions. In Tom Stroik (Ed.), The Proceedings of the 1997 Mid-American Linguistics Conference. University of Missouri at Columbia, MO.
  • Luo, C. (1997). Iconicity or economy? Polysemy between demonstratives, copulas, and contrastive focus markers. In C. Singer, R. Eggert, & G. Anderson. (Eds.), CLS 33: Papers from the Main Session, 273-86. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.
  • Luo, C. (1993). The Accessibility Hierarchy and clefting: A crosslinguistic perspective. In M. Bernstein, (Ed.), ESCOL ‘92: Proceedings from the Ninth Eastern States Conference on Linguistics, 184-195. Ithaca: Cornell University.


  • Luo, C. (2015). A study on the ethnicity of the occupants of the Tulan tombs in Qinghai.” Eurasian Studies, III: 58-115.

Dr. Luo has made over 100 presentations at regional, national and international conferences and learned societies in linguistics and applied linguistics, including refereed conference presentations, invited speaker presentations, workshop and poster sessions, panel presentations, and invited lectures. Topic areas range from functional linguistics, second language acquisition and teaching, rhetoric patterns, linguistic preferism, cultural studies, and translation studies.

Dr. Luo has taught the following courses at Brock:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • LING 1P95: Fundamentals of English Grammar
  • LING 2F60: Analysis of Grammar
  • LING 2P51: Application of Phonetics and Phonology
  • LING 3F92: Sociolinguistics
  • LING 3P71: Syntax
  • LING 3P94: Semantics and Pragmatics
  • LING 3P95: Topics in Discourse Analysis
  • LING 4P40: Language Testing
  • LING 4P25: Research Practicum
  • EDUC 5Q04: Critical Developments in L2 reading
  • MAND 1F00: Mandarin Chinese

Graduate Courses:

  • LING 5P07: Topics in Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research
  • LING 5P85: Research Issues and Methodology in Second Language Education

Dr. Luo has served various roles in the Department, including Coordinator of Grammar in IELP, Department Chair, Graduate Program Director, and Academic Coordinator for TESL Ontario. At the University level, Dr. Luo has served as Director of Confucius Institute, Member of the Research Ethics Board, and Mentor of Brock International’s International Scholar Service. He has collaborated with over 20 visiting international scholars in research and has carried on academic exchanges with more than a dozen universities worldwide.