Meet our Alumni


(BA Hons, 2020)

Degree: Speech and Language Sciences

Occupation: Developmental Support Worker

“My experience in DALS has helped me immensely at my current job as one of my clients is non-verbal, and my knowledge of augmentative and alternative communication has been very helpful. The amount of in-depth discussion about the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to working with clients that I got in DALS really stands out. I am grateful for the ongoing support from the DALS community and the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom I received from the professors and my fellow students. I believe that this program will greatly help me as I further my studies.”


(BA Hons, 2021)

Degree: Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language

Occupation: MA Applied Linguistics/TESL Student, Brock University

Truly the biggest thing that makes DALS stand out, aside from the quality of the education provided, is the simple fact that I have always felt valued and cared about by every person I have interacted with in this department. Everyone at DALS genuinely wants you to succeed, and, in my experience, will go above and beyond expectations to help you do so.”

Advice for future students: “Ask questions, attend office hours, make friends, and say yes to every opportunity you can. Your time as an undergraduate really allows you to figure out where your interests lie, so say yes to as many things as you can until you figure that out (and keep saying yes afterwards, too! Lots of opportunities arise from simply saying yes). Other than that, put in the effort to learn and DALS will return it twofold, and most importantly, have fun!”

(BA Hons, 2007)

Degree: Speech and Language Sciences

Occupation: Associate Professor, Interim Chair and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Adelphi University

“When I enrolled in the BA in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences at Brock University, no other program in Canada offered the breadth and depth of coursework in linguistics and communication sciences. I believe the program remains a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career in communication sciences and disorders. This program definitely prepared me to excel in graduate school, and I recall taking courses at Brock University that enabled me to waive coursework during my Master’s degree. Overall, I am very thankful to have graduated from the BA in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences program, and I firmly believe that my success is partly the result of the comprehensive academic training that I received here. Most importantly, I will always appreciate the availability of and assistance from the faculty and staff as I navigated my way through the program.”

Degree: Speech and Language Sciences (2017)

Occupation: Co-Owner, Clinical Director and SLPA at Inclusive Milestones

Additional Trainings: Sensory Integration, Gestalt Language Processing (NLA Approach), DIR Floortime 101, SPARK Communication, High Five, Nonviolent Crisis Prevention (CPI) and Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC).

“My 4 years at Brock University in the DALS program was nothing short of challenging and amazing. The professors were approachable and so knowledgeable. With each of their unique backgrounds and interests I felt very well prepared when I graduated in 2017. I then went on to Georgian College in Barrie to the Communicative Disorders Assistant post-graduate program. I am confident that my success in that program is because of the thorough and solid foundation I received while at Brock. While others were trying to grasp the concept of phonetics, I was able to transcribe in IPA with ease!

After I graduated Georgian College as a CDA, I entered the workforce as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) and gained even more hands-on knowledge. After about 5 years of working in the field, I decided to branch out on my own and bring a vital service to the Barrie area. I opened “Inclusive Milestones Child Development Centres Inc” (Inclusive Milestones), a children’s therapy centre offering a variety of services for children and their families, including Speech Therapy, ABA, Occupational Therapy, private school academy and much more!

It is great getting to use everything I learned in my years of education and apply it to my own Centre to help and support families within my own community.” 

My advice to future students: Go to office hours! I failed to see the importance of them in my first and second year at Brock. When I entered my third and fourth year, I finally recognized their value and was able to excel in my courses. I kick myself now for not doing it sooner as I would have done better academically and built myself a better foundational knowledge for my future courses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I wish I asked more of them especially when I wasn’t sure about a learning concept. Embrace every challenge and sleepless night, network and take advantage of every extra learning opportunity because down the road it will be worth it. Enjoy every minute of it all (even the tough moments!) It goes by SO quickly.

Meet our MA alumni


(BA Hons, 2011; MA, 2012)

Degree: Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language

Occupation: Program Development and QA Coordinator at Brock University ESL Services

Quote: “The Applied Linguistics/TESL program gave me a really solid basis for my future graduate study, research and career. The foundational courses in psycholinguistics, phonetics, phonology, semantics and syntax were invaluable in understanding the entire spectrum of language learning, which I was then able to explore further during my graduate degree. As well, the opportunity to attend conferences and work closely with various faculty members allowed me to network and build connections that have served me well in my career thus far.”

Advice for future students: “The best advice I can give is to get to know your professors. Meet with them, find out about their research and if there is something that intrigues you, ask to be a part of it, even on a volunteer basis. Take every opportunity that comes your way!”

“The MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) broadened my theoretical knowledge and helped me to appreciate new and practical applications for that knowledge. The program provided me with a setting in which I could work on my academic and research skills while developing ideas for realistic use. I chose to participate in the program because as the owner of a language services company, I recognized the value such skills would add to my credentials. I found the program to be highly challenging and demanding yet equally rewarding, and the professors to be dedicated and passionate experts in their chosen area of study.”

Occupation: Assistant Professor, Kansai Gaidai University, HirakataCity, Osaka, Japan

“When I began the MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL at Brock, I was an experienced subsequent language teacher looking for a program which would help me remain competitive in the international job market and would provide me with intensive professional development. What I got out of the program was much more. Reading, discussing, and writing about current research and work in ESL/EFL reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking as well as considering sociolinguistics, teaching methodologies and research techniques were all part of this program. I was able to look at the research critically, gain knowledge about current trends and practices in the field, and make connections to my own teaching experience. This MA sparked new interest in my profession and teaching and for that I feel that I left the program a better teacher.”

Occupation: Chief Editor American Consulting Company; Shanghai, China

“The MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) at Brock is an amazing program and the professors here are just fabulous. This program covers almost all aspects of the applied linguistics including teaching theories, methodologies, research techniques, sociolinguistics and some key and hot issues. This could help most students achieve their career goals to be a good ESL/EFL teacher. But for me, a former international student, it has not only provided me a professional linguistics background, but also opened a door for me to see the beauty of multiculturalism and helped me realize that in such a broad world, the applied linguistics is becoming much more useful and has penetrated into many fields. Thus, a lot of potential opportunities and untouched fields are waiting for us to explore and research.”