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Welcome to the Step-by-Step Parenting Program© website. The program was developed by Prof. Feldman and his colleagues in the 1980’s at a community agency now called Surrey Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The main goals of the Step-by-Step Parenting Program© is to reduce risk for child neglect due to parenting skills deficits and to promote family perserveration. It is one of the few evidence-based programs in the world that focuses on teaching skills to parents with learning differences, including parents who have intellectual disabilities, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, slow learners, learning disabilities, and low reading skills. The program may also be of benefit to inexperienced parents and caregivers, child-care workers, and babysitters. The Step-by-Step Parenting Program© has the most empirical support of any programs for parents with learning differences (see Bibliography section). The program can be implemented by a variety of professionals and workers whose role it is to work with current parents, expecting parents, or potential parents. Such professionals and workers include, family support workers within child protection agencies, early interventionists, home visitors, public health nurses, behavior analysts, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, adult community support workers, and special education high school teachers, among others. Aspects of the program are self-directed and parents can use the materials themselves with minimal support from workers.

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Maurice Feldman, Professor and Graduate Program Director/Chair of Brock University’s Department of Applied Disability Studies

About Prof. Maurice Feldman

Prof. Maurice Feldman is a Professor in the Dept. of Applied Disability Studies at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. He is an Adjunct Professor at Qingdao University, China. He is a registered psychologist in Ontario and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Doctoral). His research and clinical expertise cover the lifespan and includes foci on autism, developmental disabilities, early detection and intervention, child welfare, parenting, and human rights. He has over 120 peer-review publications and 300 invited addresses, workshops, and conference presentations. The evidence-based Step-by-Step Parenting Program for parents with learning difficulties he and his associates developed is emulated world-wide.

He has received numerous awards including, Brock University Distinguished Researcher and the Brock University Chancellor’s Chair of Research Excellence He is a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and received a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Investigator Award. He was the first recipient of the Ontario Association for Developmental Disabilities and received the Ontario Association on Behaviour Analysis Research Award. He received the Hull-Roeher Award of Merit, which is the highest honour bestowed by the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities for outstanding contributions in education, humanitarianism, research, and service in developmental disabilities. In the United States, he received the United States National Distinguished Disability Researcher Award and the Association for Successful Parenting Award for Research Excellence. He was a special advisor to the United States President’s Committee on Intellectual Disabilities. He serves as a consultant to several government departments and service agencies for many years. His work has been covered in the Canadian and U.S. media.