Practicum Information Webinar


March 1, 2021 > 7:30pm – 8:30pm

This information session is intended for students who will be registering in ADST 5P74/76 in the 2021/22 academic year. All students who will be registered in these courses, which include a mandatory practicum component, are STRONGLY encouraged to attend.

The webinar will cover the following information:
1. What are the requirements for a practicum site/supervisor?
2. What are the requirements for practicum tasks?
3. How have practicum placements and practicum requirements been impacted by Covid-19?
4. How do I find a practicum site/supervisor?5. What is the relationship between practicum hours and BACB supervised fieldwork hours?
Common practicum obstacles and pitfalls, and how to avoid them, will also be discussed.
Students will have the opportunity to ask questions.
We want all of our students to secure an appropriate practicum site/supervisor and have a positive learning experience. In order to ensure this happens, students must be well informed and proactive.
If you are starting practicum in Fall 2021 you do not want to miss this information session!