Julie Gregory

Projects Facilitator

After completing a BA in Sociology at McMaster University and a Masters degree in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock University, Julie went on to complete a SSHRC-funded PhD in Sociology at Queen’s University. Since this time, Julie has worked in a variety of capacities within the post-secondary educational sector, all of which dovetail this most recent appointment as Projects Facilitator for the Social Justice and Research Institute. For example, Julie has taught courses on the theoretical and practical aspects of applied social scientific research. In addition, Julie has worked as an Educational Developer (with a focus on supporting faculty as they develop their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning agendas and related award applications) and as a research assistant on a project supported by SSHRC’s College-Community Social Innovation Fund (with a focus on mobilizing knowledge about place-based solutions to food insecurity).

On a more volunteer basis, currently, Julie is a book review co-editor of Studies in Social Justice and a member of a growing network of community members collaborating to develop a range of educational materials to support poverty elimination in Halton (Julie’s birthplace). Julie has a passion for learning about, building on, and sharing knowledge about analytic, creative, and action-oriented efforts to address the complexities of contemporary social problems. In particular, Julie is thankful for ongoing opportunities to meet, learn from, and collaborate with a range of people to support programmes that prioritize people’s intersecting experiences of marginalization over so-called law and order – or ‘just deserts’ – politics.

Maria Callaghan

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Callaghan has extensive experience in administrative leadership in academic contexts including managing a research centre and coordinating large-scale and multi-stakeholder research projects. Maria’s responsibilities include managing the SJRI grant program, finances, and general administration of the Institute.  In addition to her work at Brock she is the National Coordinator of the CIHR funded Voices against Violence project at Western University.

Previously, Maria was manager of the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women and Children (CREVAWC) at Western University as well as the National Coordinator for the research initiative Intersecting Sites of Violence in the Lives of Girls at the CREVAWC. Maria has worked with the Alliance of Canadian Research Centre’s on Violence, and is a past member and executive of the Middlesex County Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse. She has over 20 years of financial, management and organizational experience in the private and public sector.