Masters Fellows

Mo Constantine, 2018-2019

Mo is a first year in the Masters of Arts in Critical Sociology program at Brock, focusing on Critical Animal Studies and food justice. Mo is originally from California and did his undergrad in Massachusetts, studying film and food justice. For the past five years he has been engaged in animal liberation activism and his current research focuses on understanding how to do effective activism in socially conservative communities. Through studying the emerging food justice, vegan, and environmental justice concerns in Bakersfield, California – his hometown and one of the largest agricultural producing areas in North America – Mo hopes to use his work as a case study, detailing the disconnect between activists and community members and trying to understand what is needed to address these issues in a way that is effective and community-building rather than divisive.

Kali Guise, 2018-2019

Kali is in her first year of the Masters of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies program. Originally from the Boston area, she attended Connecticut College where she studied Gender and Women’s Studies, French, and Public Policy and Community Action. She is broadly interested in intersectional animal justice, and in looking at ways to build connections between human and animal social justice issues, both in theory and in practice. For her research project in SJES, she plans to work with her supervisor, Stefan Dolgert of the Political Science Department, to explore the ways in which systems of race, class, and gender manifest around purebred dogs, particularly through the cultural practices of dog showing and dog fighting. She wants to explore how systems of oppression exist across species lines, and she hopes this project will demonstrate the need for a species inclusive model of intersectionality.