Who We Are

SJRI is a vibrant collective of research affiliates, associates, fellows and participating community members who are brought together in various ways by a shared concern for pressing social justice issues.

Social justice refers to

  • the equitable distribution of social opportunities and material resources;
  • the capacity for a diversity of identities, subject positions, knowledge traditions and interests to be recognized, nurtured, and valued; and
  • a consequent proliferation and dispersion of the capacity to exercise power/agency.

The SJRI is comprised of members from across Brock’s Faculties and associated Departments, including: Business; Centre for Labour Studies; Child & Youth Studies; Communication, Popular Culture & Film; Dramatic Arts; English Language & Literature; Geography & Tourism Studies; Gibson Library; Graduate & Undergraduate Education; Health Sciences; Kinesiology; Nursing; Political Science; Recreation & Leisure Studies; Sociology; Teacher Education; Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education; Visual Arts; and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Click here for a complete list of affiliated members.