We  are happy to sponsor this upcoming event on February 3, 2023.

Born in Rome to an Italian mother and an Egyptian father, Amir Issaa felt sepa-rated from his fellow citizens and what the “typical Italian” should look like. “When I look at my skin in the mirror, I see the heritage of both my mother and my father,” Issaa said. “I always felt Italian, but society did not always accept this.” A social activist, his mission is to spread the word about the new Italy, one with diversity, inclusive immigration, and a fresh idea of what real Italians look like. Embracing his passion for both music and activism, Issaa is able to reach countless people who struggle in the midst of racism. 

LINK TO LIVE STREAM: https://stream.lifesizecloud.com/extension/ 16851530/1eb54ea3-53b6-4aa3-9329-2882f18c3ee3

We are excited to announce a 2023 date for the Niagara Social Justice Forum!

    • Please save this date, with more details to follow shortly: Saturday March 25.

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