Research Collaborations

SJRI offers Affiliates a range of supports before, during, and after submission of social justice-related grant applications. Depending on the type of grant application and the resources available to SJRI, we offer:

  • Transdisciplinary funding opportunities (e.g., seed/local engagement grants)
  • Support for social justice themed symposia and events
  • Coordination of ORS/SJRI research support services
  • Promotion of research-related events and activities to the SJRI network
  • Access to Walker Complex 251 for social justice research purposes[1]
  • Coordination of resource sharing between SJRI members (e.g., audiovisual equipment)

How can we collaborate on grant applications?

Members may reference their SJRI affiliation and integrate corresponding benefits/resources into their grant applications. For ideas about how to do this or more information about the benefits of membership, please contact the SJRI Projects Facilitator (PF). We would also appreciate a copy of any applications referencing SJRI to keep on file.

If appropriate, your research agenda may also benefit from more formal collaborations with SJRI. By including SJRI in your grant applications, and budgeting accordingly, we can offer project planning, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization expertise as 1) in-kind contributor, 2) contractor, or 3) co-applicant (foundations and trusts only).

Coordination of ORS/SJRI research support services

The Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI) Projects Facilitator (PF) and Office of Research Services (ORS) Research Officers are available to assist in accessing internal, external, and alternative opportunities to fund social justice research. Please contact us at the inception of your research planning to discuss how best to coordinate services offered by ORS and SJRI.

ORS Services offered by Research Officers

  1. Liaison services for researchers from Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and other faculty researchers applying to SSHRC and/or CIHR
  2. Project planning support for grant applications
  3. Grant writing assistance
  4. Administration of internal funding opportunities

SJRI Services offered by Projects Facilitator

  1. Social justice research development services for SJRI members
    • strategic development of long-term research programs (e.g., research conceptualization, project planning, timeline development, research team building)
    • assistance developing funding proposals (e.g. application review[2], project planning and budget development, knowledge mobilization and evaluation expertise)
    • training workshops and working groups (e.g. funded project planning and management, transdisciplinary collaboration, service-learning)
    • liaising with internal and external funders (e.g., Brock Faculties, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Atkinson Foundation)
  2. Research communication and knowledge mobilization expertise, social justice approaches in knowledge production, transfer, and integration
    • community-led and participatory approaches
    • transdisciplinary collaboration and team building
    • research impact evaluation
    • Indigenous research ethics
    • experience with mixed quantitative, qualitative, and participatory research methods

For more information please contact Julie Gregory, SJRI Project Facilitator at


  1. Subject to approval and availability of Conway-Doucet joint research space/equipment.
  2. Please provide 2 weeks notice prior to deadlines for feedback/review of applications for scheduling purposes.