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SJRI has three types of membership. See below for information about eligibility, privileges, and responsibilities of each.

Membership Categories

(i) Affiliated Members: Brock tenured and tenure-track faculty, Emeritus Professors, and professional librarians who have successfully applied for affiliation to the SJRI.

(ii) Research Associates: Brock-based post-doctoral fellows (PDFs), visiting scholars, and adjunct professors who are working on projects with a social justice focus and who have successfully applied for affiliation to the SJRI.

(iii) Participating Members: Students, stipend instructors, LTAs, activists, artists, community members and people from other universities who sign up to receive the SJRI newsletter and other emails about SJRi activities and events.

Expectations, Privileges, and Responsibilities of Membership

(i) Affiliated Members are expected to share a commitment to social justice and transdisciplinary scholarship, and to involve themselves according to their capabilities in the governance of the SJRI by: putting their names forward for the Faculty Steering Committee (FSC); attending FSC meetings as non-voting members; voting at the AGM on affiliated membership, directorship, FSC membership, and changes to governance practices; serving on SJRI standing committees. Affiliated Members are eligible to be Principal Investigators on applications to the SJRI Grants Program.

(ii) Research Associates do not participate in the governance of the SJRI, nor attend FSC meetings. They are welcome to attend AGMs (without a vote). Research Associates may not be the Principal Investigators when applying for funding from the SJRI, but they can be Co-Investigators on applications to the SJRI Grants Program. They also may be involved in organizing SJRI events and have access to the use of the SJRI office and meeting spaces, as well as SJRI technological equipment. Their research ‘outputs’ and external funding will be included in SJRI annual reporting on its research activities, publications, and research grants.

(iii) Participating Members have a less formal relationship to the SJRI and limited rights and responsibilities. They cannot participate in the governance of SJRI and may not be the Principal Investigators on applications to the SJRI Grants Program, but they may be involved in organizing SJRI events and are certainly welcome and encouraged  to attend SJRI-sponsored workshops and events and to collaborate on SJRI research projects.

Criteria for Membership

(i) The process for becoming an Affiliated Member of the SJRI is as follows:

  • Applicants must be tenured or tenure-track Brock faculty members or professional librarians.
  • Applicants submit to the Director an up-to-date CV and a one-to-two page statement of intent outlining the relevance of their research to social justice and their planned contribution to SJRI.
  • A sub-committee of the FSC will review all applications and recommend affiliation or not. Taking recommendation from the sub-committee, the FSC will vote to recommend affiliation or not. Final voting on membership will take place by all Affiliated Members at the annual general meeting (AGM).
  • Members of the SJRI may withdraw their membership through a letter of resignation to the Director.
  • Affiliated Members will be required to apply for re-affiliation every five years.

(ii) The process of becoming an SJRI Research Associate is as follows:

  • Applicants submit to the Director an up-to-date CV along with a short (1 page maximum) letter indicating why they would like to be a Research Associate, why their research program is a good fit with SJRI’s vision, and how they hope to contribute to the SJRI community and research culture.
  • Applications will be voted on by the FSC at the AGM.
  • The tenure of the appointment will normally be for the duration of their appointment (or visit) to Brock.
  • If Research Associates would like to retain the title once they leave Brock, this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, assessing the benefits to SJRI of retaining this connection.

(iii) To become a Participating Members, one need simply to sign-up by clicking the button below and submitting the required electronic form.

  • In extraordinary circumstances, Participating Members can have their status rescinded by a two-thirds majority vote of the FSC.