Identifying Barriers to CEVAW

At the beginning of 2018, the Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW) approached the Social Justice Research Institute to produce a third Niagara Region Report Card to provide updated information about the extent and use of CEVAW member organizations. In particular, CEVAW is interested in knowing more about community members who could be accessing available supports related to gendered violence in Niagara, but who are either not accessing them or have discontinued engaging with them. The research team is asking: In Niagara, who are the people not being effectively served by community-based supports intended to address gendered violence? What are the barriers preventing these people from accessing or continuously engaging with CEVAW member organizations?  With these questions in mind, SJRI affiliates Robyn Bourgeois (Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies), Natalee Caple (English Language and Literature), as well as Sana Shah (MA student, SJES) and Julie Gregory (SJRI Project Facilitator) are investigating barriers to accessing CEVAW member organizations via surveys and interviews with CEVAW employees as well as community members who have experienced gendered violence.


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