Become an FSC Member

Each year, the Faculty Steering Committee (FSC) of the Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI) seeks to elect new members for two-year terms to commence July 1 (shorter terms can be negotiated in the event of pending sabbaticals, etc.). The FSC is the governing body responsible for the overall direction, financial oversight, and long-term viability of SJRI. FSC membership is a significant, but also rewarding service commitment as you get to be involved in shaping and guiding the SJRI, while working with an engaging group of colleagues.

Responsibilities of the FSC:

  • advance the vision, goals, and objectives of SJRI;
  • plan and help coordinate the execution of initiatives that will strengthen the SJRI organizationally, advance SJRI’s knowledge production and mobilization agenda, and help to secure the long-term sustainability of SJRI;
  • ensure sound financial management of SJRI and align budget priorities with planning and programming priorities;
  • develop protocols for adjudicating funding competitions and fellowships, the disbursement of funds, and financial reporting;
  • amend SJRI procedures and address governance issues as necessary;
  • provide guidance and feedback to the Director.

Responsibilities of individual FSC members:

  • provide input into the agenda, prepare for, attend, and participate in SJRI FSC meetings (generally one per month);
  • fulfill committee responsibilities when needed;
  • attend events organized or co-sponsored by SJRI.

Individuals interested to serve on SJRI’s FSC are invited to submit the following information to SJRI’s Project Facilitator, Julie Gregory (, by Friday April 30, 2021:

  • a current cv;
  • a one paragraph statement outlining their interest in serving on the FSC, and their capability to do so effectively.

The existing FSC will review nominations and bring forward appropriate candidates for voting by affiliated members at SJRI’s next semi-Annual General Meeting: date in May 2021 TBA.

We urge SJRI affiliates both to consider applying to become an FSC member themselves and to encourage others who they feel would be good candidates to serve on the FSC. It is especially important for the FSC to have representation from across Brock’s faculties.

For more information please contact SJRI Director, Rebecca Raby (