Thematic Symposia

To date, SJRI has hosted the following symposia to attract local, national, and international researchers and participants and enhance awareness of the SJRI and of transdisciplinary social justice research and activism.

Movement and Mobility was co-hosted together by FOSS and SJRI on October 26, 2022. This virtual event showcased presentations based on research findings, reflections, and explorations about (im)migration, movement and (im)mobility at individual, societal or systemic levels, and/or the transportation of people, things, or ideas across places, times, or contexts.

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Social Justice and Community Collaboration was hosted together by FOSS and SJRI on September 28, 2021. This virtual event showcased a select group of SJRI affiliates who shared updates on their community collaboration research projects that have been funded by the SJRI Grants Program.

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Child and Youth Engagement: Civic Literacies, and Digital Ecologies took place October 10 – 11, 2017. At this event, a focused group of international scholars gathered to discuss young people’s digital literacies and engagement using a social justice approach. The symposium included a workshop for junior scholars and provided an opportunity for collaboration between SJRI, Child and Youth Studies, and and the Centre for Multi-literacies.

Click here to access the special issue of Studies in Social Justice based on these proceedings.

Global Movement Assemblages: Linking Protests across Time and Space took place October 13-15, 2016. This event explored the relation between post-2010 social movements such as the Arab Spring, Occupy, and Idle No More with longer-standing movements for social transformation.

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Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labour, Care and Social Justice took place October 15-16, 2015. This event focused on critical social justice issues that arise from the intersections of intimacy with labour, exchange, and commodification.

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