Spring and Fall General Meetings

The SJRI Spring Annual General meeting was held on Wednesday May 15, 2019. The event included the voting in of new Affiliates as well as a talk and open discussion with Dr. Janet Conway on the topic of Being a Social Justice Public Scholar. This talk and discussion were framed in relation to vignettes about:

  1. Conflicts among ourselves regarding to what social justice means to us as ‘social justice’ scholars;
  2. Conflicts between ourselves and community partners regarding different views on social justice praxis;
  3. Conflicts among ourselves and university demands such as the need to produce impact reporting, which can comprise more international, radical, theoretical work;
  4. Conflicts between ourselves and the wider society in light of real backlashes faced by people who speak out about social injustices and inequities.

Janet asked us to question how we think about social justice in this context and encouraged us about the need to rethink social justice knowledge, practice, and politics as contested and contestable concepts, which invite productive conflicts (as they always have). A major point that emerged from this discussion is that it is important to acknowledge these contested terrains and rethink for ourselves what it means to be able to argue among ourselves while also being committed to bridging divides in the face of a rising, global New Right. As Conway noted, “this means that there is work to be done to distinguish where we stand – who is with us and who is not; it is in this sense that we need calibrate the compass for this new terrain, with all of its conflict and find ways to walk forward questioning.”

Thank you to everyone who attended!

The SJRI hosted an semi-annual general meeting on October 31, 2019. Highlights from this meeting include the voting in of 5 new affiliates and the passing of a governance motion that allows for online voting by SJRI Affiliates. Click here for a complete list of Affiliated Members.

The event also included short presentations by these select SJRI Grants recipients about various ways of mobilizing these funds:

  1. Gyllian Raby: City Treat in St. Catharines
  2. Gregory Betts: How to Speak to Aliens: Making Contact, or How Indigenous Decolonization and the Avant-Garde Can Recon the Future
  3. Rebecca Raby: Niagara Student Parent Mentorship Program

Each of the presenters spoke about SJRI Grants as both providing financial support and encouraging moral support via collaborations with colleagues, graduate students, and other community members. They each also spoke to the ways that their various SJRI-supported projects inspired other research projects, collaborations, and events and encouraged fellow SJRI Affiliates to apply for these grants because they can — and do — support a variety of types of exciting projects.

Thank you to everyone who attended!