Assessment focuses readiness activities

The assessment phase of the SIS Modernization project was completed on December 14, 2018.

During the twenty functional assessment sessions that took place from October to December, over 100 stakeholders contributed data and personal insight. These activities served to enhance our knowledge and understanding of current student information practices.

Our thanks to everyone who contributed their time, knowledge and thought to this process.

A number of near-term student success and retention-related efficiencies and improvements have been identified. The main areas of opportunity were the digitization of forms, process harmonization and better communications.

Thus, modernization efforts will continue in the form of fostering collaboration across units, supporting professional development and championing high impact practices.

As a consequence of the recent budget constraints, the implementation of a new student information platform has been delayed until the 2020/21 fiscal year and 2019/20 will be utilized to enhance institutional readiness. The focus of the project now shifts to working with stakeholders on change management and implementing opportunities for improvements within current resources.

Check back for information about modernization efforts and please contact us with any questions you have through our Project website Contact Us form.

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