SIS Vendor Presentations Continue

Brock continues its review of student information systems on March 22, 2018 when it welcomes Ellucian and Banner to campus for a product demonstration its solutions.

Brock students, staff and faculty are invited to provide their input regarding the current challenges and future opportunities related to the current student information system (SIS) as well as to share their feedback regarding the services provided by several student information system providers.

The current SIS consists of more than a dozen individual applications and databases that includes over 1,000 different functional pages. Maintaining the system beyond 2020 would require significant capital and human resources to provide any substantial improvements in functionality, stability or security. The preservation of this system could also inhibit the University’s responsiveness to meet future needs and goals.

The success of the project is dependent on ongoing stakeholder engagement. To enhance stakeholders’ knowledge and understanding of the new student information system options, the campus community is invited to vendor demonstrations.  Interested participants may register for a demonstration of the Ellucian and Banner student information system by using the Brock University Focus on Learning Site

Any further questions on the new SIS may be sent to Rico Natale, Student Information Services — User Experience Lead, at

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